The Bay or Cape Grace?

Nov 1st, 2000, 12:52 PM
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The Bay or Cape Grace?

Hi -

I am considering spending three nights at either The Bay Hotel or Cape Grace.

Which would you prefer and why?

Also, what do you think of renting an apartment as an option in either Camps Bay or Clifton., etc.?

Do you find that in South Africa it is better to have the conveniences of a hotel?

Lastly, I am considering also spending two nights in Bloubergstrand to get a different view of the Cape and the Mountain. Has anyone
ever stayed around there, and if so, what did you think?

Thank You!!
Nov 1st, 2000, 06:50 PM
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Personally, I prefer to stay in an apartment but that depends on your needs and what bells and whistles you like. The Cape Grace and Bay are both high class hotels (too stuffy for me but good for many ). The Cape Grace is in the Waterfront and you will be able to walk to shops etc in the development. The Bay is across the street from the Beach and you will enjoy beautiful sunsets. I don't know if it is possible to get an apartment for only 3 days. I think you can drive to Blouberg,walk on the beach, have a meal and get a good perspective of the mountain and city and Robben Island without changing accommodation. It is only a 15 minute drive from the Waterfront. What time of year are you planning to visit CT. I saw from a previous post that you plan to be in SA 10 days and think you are planning too much - Garden Route, Mala Mala and CT.
Nov 2nd, 2000, 03:23 AM
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Vicki, you seem to be going to Australia and to South Africa!! Lucky you OR are you just playing around on the site????
Nov 2nd, 2000, 06:27 AM
Joseph cameron
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Hi, vicki - from my post, you know we're at the Cape Grace. I reseached all hotel, and this in the best at the waterfront area. They sent me a very nice package of information and the reseravtion arrangement via e-mail was very easy. If you decide to book at Cape Grace, send me an e-mail (you alredy have my addres) and I'll give you the name of the reservation person and the address. Have a good day, Joe
Nov 2nd, 2000, 06:33 AM
leon C
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Hello, Hmmmmmm - are you playing around on the site? This is a legitimate posting, and you're welcome to stay if you're going to SA. If not, why not depart and annoy elsewhere. People have suggested Fodor's adopt a registration policy - your behavior gives them the ammunition they need. Ciao.
Nov 2nd, 2000, 07:26 AM
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Leon -No, I am not playing around! I give valuable time trying to answer questions and was intrigued to see Vicki post questions about an Australia trip and a South Africa trip. I hate to waste my time and resources when there may be no intention of travel. There is no need for rudeness on your part to a legitimate question. It is posts like yours which should not be allowed on the forum. How do you know Vicki's is a legitimate post or maybe you are Vicki?!
Nov 2nd, 2000, 12:23 PM
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You know, Hmmm, it's strange when a person like yourself suddenly appears, and quite gratuitously begins to question message legitimacy. Fodor's seems not to worry, so why should you? Perhaps your enforcer/truth squad behaviors point toward the true real source of your wasted time. Why don't you scram and leave travellers to their own designs, and if you believe some great impropriety is occurring, I suggest you contact the Fodor's editors. The only phony posting on this thread is yours. And if you believe I'm being rude to you, you're right. Caio, Leone
Nov 4th, 2000, 07:33 PM
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Hmmm, are you also Confused for the OZ area?

If you think I am "playing around on the site", then by all means, don't "waste your valuable time", and simply don't answer any of my questions!!

I have been considering and researching both destinations for months, and yes, I am lucky that I will be able to take the time to spend 2 weeks in South Africa and 2 weeks in OZ in June. Just curious though, why is it any business of yours?

My questions are valid and "real", and I am very grateful to all the kind people that have provided me with so much helpful info.

I see how "valuable" your time is, since you have enough of it to write these childlike messages, on various boards of the site.

To Leone: I certainly agree with you! I too am baffled at how Fodors can allow these posts to stay, and take up space. These boards aren't chat rooms for lonely, confused people, they are for the exchange of ideas and information!
Let me know if I can be of assistance in any way!

Also, thanks again Joe for your invaluable advice, and you too Mary! I am going to have to go in June, so I can spend the two weeks, and take everything in. I am having a tough time deciding on where to stay in Cape Town though - since we are going to go in June, I may opt for the Cape Grace, as it really won't be beach weather. I think I'll nix staying in Blouberg, and will drive up there for the day instead to get the different perspective.

There is some great accomodation in Blouberg that is very cheap (one place I have been looking into is the apartment at 11 Gull Rd - great views). However, I e-mailed them with some inquiries, and they never got back from me. It will probably be easier to do all of the "tourist" things with the Waterfront area as our base.

I'll let you know what we decide! Thanks again - Vicki
Nov 5th, 2000, 04:08 AM
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I would opt for Cape Grace, escpecially if you have a car. There are some great eating places near the Bay and you can go there and soak in the views and walk along the beach. June will not be that busy so you won't have huge crowds in the Waterfront complex. It is also probably safer to walk around the waterfront after dark as opposed to Camps Bay. I don't know your interests but I would highly recommend a trip to Robben Island (wait for a calm clear day -) and a trip up Table Mountain. The Botanical Gardens are very pretty and tranquil. Although Blouberg has good vistas it can be kind of bleak. A day drive around to Cape Point is great too. If you are into hiking there are some wonderful day trips up Table Mountain etc from different starting points.
Some basic common sense advise which you probably do- don't wear jewellery ( there is a fair amount of crime and walk by muggings and pulling off of necklaces etc. )and be very careful with your purse. Drive with doors locked and windows closed for the most part especially when stopping at traffic lights. Don't be afraid - I am visiting again in December - 6 weeks time!! so if there is anything specific you would like to know and I can help feel free to ask and I will post on my return. Enjoy the planning.

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