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Now that the safari planning is pretty much done, the wife has asked "her" most importatn question.

Where in/on our safari can she buy tanzanite? She is really into her tanzanite jewelry.

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Swala Gems at the Arusha Hotel.

Tanzanite can be found at some of the large Heritage shops, but as some previous posts here indicated - not a good idea.

Stick with a reputable jeweler - Swala Gems. Know, Tanzanite is expensive, so depending on what you're looking for, know your budget.
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Another option for Tanzanite is Lapigems Gem Company - www.lapigems.com especially if you are looking for very fine qualities as this company specialises in top grades.
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I am leaving for my trip to tanzania this saturday (feb 2nd). I already have more Tanzanite than I need. But still want more. Does anyone know if tanzanite there is a bargin compared to retail in US?
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The price has skyrocketed everywhere, even in Tanzania. As with any gems, depends on whether looking only for the stones (vs set), size, shape, quality. Price is always relative to what you want, find and your budget.
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On Jan 17th, the day I arrived in Tanzania, I stopped to look at tanzanite. I wanted to buy one for my mom, as she had not had a chance to look before she had to leave Africa. WOW, I was amazed at how much more expensive it was than when I was in Kenya in December of 93. Currently, it appears that it is selling for about US$500/carat (loose stone). Contrast that to the fact that in 93 I paid about US$70 for a 2/3 carat loose stone...I did experience a bit of sticker shock.

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As for buying gem stones whether tanzanite, diamonds, opals, much of the stone's value depends on cut, color, carat, and clarity (the four "C"s). Unless you are an expert in evaluating these I feel you won't know whether what you are buying is a bargain or not. No matter where in the world you are buying.

regards - tom
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thanks for the info. it appears that the cost is not that much different in the us.

you are correct. i understand the four c(s)on gems. but since the subject came up,i was just wondering if i should plan to bring more $$. my inquiry was posted for those that may have the knowledge and had recent experience in the matter. of course, any price comparison needs to be of like kind and quality. my exp. of 10 years ago - couldn't find qual., good qual & color Tanz gems in contiguous states and it cost alot of $ for crap. but was surprised to have found great quality, color and outstanding prices in Alaska. You never know about these things.

FYI Orange juice, "grown in florida", cost us comsumers that live there more than what it sells for in other states. Go figure.

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I have a rule, whether at home or traveling... a personal recommendation for a reputable jeweler or gemologist. Being right here in NYC, where an easy stroll down 47th Street can find me any number of merchants selling anything; without a referral, I'm not shopping and certainly not putting down my plastic.

Besides, unless you've studied your subject well, it's like buying a pig in a poke... never know what you've got till home and then, only to find, you'e got nothing but a piece of colored glass.

Tanzanite and Tsavorite are expensive gems these days, so unless you know you can return your purchase... stick with someone close to home. It's difficult to complain when you're thousands of miles away.
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My mother bought a pair of loose stones last May at Cultural Heritage for a little in excess of $2k. She had them appraised by a jeweler she has done business with for many years (without advising him of the cost) and they appraised out at just over the cost.

Unless you have shopped around in the US (which she had not), I would pass.

FYI, she was able to pay with a credit card.

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