Tanzania Itinerary/Accommodation Help?


Jan 17th, 2006, 11:04 AM
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Tanzania Itinerary/Accommodation Help?

I am planning a trip for 2 to Tanzania for late June/early July. Here is my itinerary.

June 24) Arrive JRO, overnight Impala (B&B basis)
June 25) To Tarangire, overnight Tarangire River Camp or Swala Camp (swala is $100 per person more)(B/L/D)
June 26) To Manyara, overnight at Kirurumu (B/L/D)
June 27) To Crater, p.m. Crater floor, overnight Serena (B/L/D)
June 28) A.M. crater floor, p.m. guided walk, overnight Serena (B/L/D)
June 29) To Serengeti, overnight Kirawira (B/L/D)
June 30) Serengeti, overnight Kirawira (B/L/D)
July 1) Serengeti, ovenight Mbuzi (B/L/D)
July 2) Serengeti, overnight Mbuzi (B/L/D)
July 3) Fly to ZNZ, overnight Tembo House Hotel or Serena Inn ($100 more per person for Serena)(B&B basis)
July 4) Tembo or Serena Inn (B&B basis)
July 5) To Breezes, overnight (standard rooms) HB basis
July 6) Breezes (HB basis)
July 7) Breezes (HB basis)
July 8) Morning at leisure, p.m. to airport for flight to DAR.

We are getting the quote of $4015 per person. Does this quote seem reasonable?

For accommodations, I am not too sure about Kirurumu in Lake Manyara. Some say it is a luxury tent, others claim it is more of a basic bush experience. We would have loved to stay at the Tree Lodge, but that's $365 more per person, which is steep! Does anyone have another suggestion for Manyara? is Kirurumu ok for 1 night?

For Tarangire, is it worth paying an additional $100 per person to upgrade from River Camp to Swala Camp. Which location would be better for the games. I know River Camp is slightly outside of the Park, but seem close to the Eastern boundry, where i think the games are. Is Swala too far into the park?

I have read mix reviews for Breezes? Website looks really nice, but some say the website is deceiving. Does anyone have a better recommendation? We definitely want A/C!

Any recommendation or suggestions will be greatly appreciated! Thanks!!
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Jan 17th, 2006, 11:32 AM
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I like it.

The accommos thing is so subjective, and I'm not very picky, so I won't comment on that. If you had time and $, I'd try to add a night at Tarangire--late June/early July is a good time for that park. But don't add a night if it means taking a night away from somewhere else (unless it's the beach...but I'm not a beach person).

Have you looked at Eben's web site go-safari.com? He has lots and lots of photos of the various lodges and camps.

But, basically, I'm having itinerary envy right now. And yes, the price sounds good to me.
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Jan 17th, 2006, 02:03 PM
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Swala has received some very good reviews from some recent travelers--here is one from Lisa. I am not sure about a one night stay however.

Per leely's idea, perhaps you could cut a day from Stonetown to add to Tarangire. [or one day from the crater].
From what I have read (have not been there) Kirurumu is more than a basic bush experience.

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Jan 17th, 2006, 03:58 PM
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Sounds nice to me, except I definitely would not do only one night at Swala Camp. It is a long drive south through the park and only worth it if you are staying at least 2 nights. We LOVED it but if I only had one night in Tarangire I would stay elsewhere. Also, we were not enamored of Mbuzi Mawe but liked it ok. A friend of mine just got back and said it was his favorite, so there you go.
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Jan 19th, 2006, 07:33 AM
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Thanks everyone for your inputs! I think I am going to go with Tarangire RIver Camp since we are only spending 1 night in Tarangire. Will save Swala for next time...

Bat - thanks for the thread. It led me to lisa's trip report and photos. What amazing photos!! I definitely have to invest in a nice camera for this trip. Lisa - your website recommendations were great. I was able to find a lot more info and pics of various accommodation options. Thanks again everyone!!

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