Some tips about Zanzibar

Apr 7th, 1999, 08:54 AM
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Some tips about Zanzibar

My name is Sole, im from Spain.I'm thinking on going to Zanzibar in June-July.I would appreciate very much if some one could tell something about this place: most important to see, weather, people, food,how's diving there,a hotel recommended....
I'd like to go to the north of the island, because i've heard that this is the most unspoiled area.
Thaks a lot and sorry for my english.
Apr 7th, 1999, 09:39 PM
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Wonderful Zanzibar! I'd recommend spending at least a few days in Stonetown because it is fascinating. I stayed at the Spice Inn (but don't know if it's still there) which was like something out of Arabian Nights. Sorry I don't know about hotels on the north end, diving, or weather in June and July but in September it was perfect. You can take a spice tour which is interesting just for the scenery or you can rent a moped (or similar?). I found the people fine and didn't feel unsafe there. There are also islands nearby that you can get to quite quickly. You can see giant turtles and some nice beaches, although at one we had to wear something on our feet in the water. Your Engish is quite good!

Apr 9th, 1999, 06:51 PM
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Hola Sole--

Pienso que mi espanol es mas malo que su ingles. I am going to Zanzibar in August and read much on the island. You should stay at least 1 or 2 days in Stone Town and then spend the rest either on the North end or east side of the island. We decided on Mtoni Marine Centre just north of Stone Town for a few days. We are then staying at Sau Inn in Jambiani on the the east and south end of Zanzibar. We were also considering the north end, too. I hear it has been expanded greatly in the last few years. There is some unhappiness with the people with this development so we decided to stay on the east side. If you can find the book at a book store, I recommend Guide to Zanzibar by David Else. It is very informative. I also found a good web site on the internet. It is You can find it by going to YAHOO search engine and entering Zanzibar for the search. If you need more help, please let me know.

Mary Lee
Apr 12th, 1999, 07:09 PM
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Zanzibar is as beautiful and exotic as you could ever imagine, if not more! We stayed in Stone Town 3 nights at a wonderful little hotel last summer: Kiponda St. Hotel (not sure of spelling) - clean, comfortable, good food, in the heart of Stone Town and VERY reasonable rates;
The north coast is definitely undeveloped in parts - so much that our hotel(Saleyhees? - clean, but bare bones/rustic accommodations - rooms were concrete with twin beds with mosquito nets, a dresser and a lightbulb!) and the 5 star hotel next to us had "food shortages". Often, we had to order our dinner at lunch time so they could drive into town to get it!
You MUST do the Dolphin tours from the South coast. Hire a driver to take you there from Stone Town, or ask about booking a tour roundtrip. For about $10-$20 US, they'll take you out into the ocean on wooden boats, find dolphins, and let you jump out to snorkel with them!
You should also take a SPice tour. Ask about Mr. Mito's tours in Stone TOwn. They take you out all day for tours of the island's spices in their natural state, including lunch and dinner for about $15-$20 US.
The weather in late mid August was quite hot and humid, 75-80+ degrees at the beach, more in Stone Town. Taxis were everywhere. I wouldn't bother driving, especially since many of the raods are in terrible shape, and Stone Town is a maze. Streets are barely the width of a car and are unmarked. It's hard enough to tell where you are on foot.
Be prepared for unreliable plumbing (sometimes no water during the day;if you're lucky, you get hot water!). Be sure to take malaria medication!
The people are the friendliest IN THE WORLD! Every single person you pass greets you with "jambo"! (swahili greeting) Good luck - i know you'll have a wonderful time!
Apr 28th, 1999, 03:41 AM
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Hi Sole,

You will have a great time in Zanzibar. Diving is good, we even saw dolphins by suprise.
We enjoyed to go to Jozaniforest, a forest with the last Zanzibar red colobus monkey's. Very interesting.
Enjoy the island, enjoy the people, have a wonderfull time.

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