Abu Simbel - Is the road open?

Jan 3rd, 1999, 06:16 PM
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Abu Simbel - Is the road open?

I'm planning a trip to Egypt in April and I've heard conflicting reports regarding the closure of the road between Aswan and Abu Simbel.
What's the latest news?

Jan 14th, 1999, 08:34 PM
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Seems to me I saw something about this road in "The Rough Guide" but its specifics escapes me. You might try there.
Apr 5th, 1999, 11:39 AM
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I have just returned from Egypt. The road to Abul Simbel was closed to foreigner for a long time as I heard from many source, at the beginning was because of road repairing but now become an 'money' issue. All foreigner needs to fly there, departure 6:00am and return 10:00am while somebody saying if you ask persistently from agent they
can get on later flight tickets. ticket cost at least USD80, because I dropped my plan to there, so I forgot which place is the main source of ticketing. But in my opinion, it is a way to rip money which I don't like at all.
Apr 29th, 1999, 02:02 PM
martin conneely
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Steve: In mid-April, the story was that the flight had to be so early because the snakes get vicious when the sun heats up.
May 5th, 1999, 05:37 AM
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I have just come back from Abu Simble, flying. As far as I am aware, the road is still closed. That's not to say you can't do it, at a price. However, that certainly would cost you more than $80, and in the end, would be much more exciting than flying. But your arrival at Abu Simble would probably not live up to the journey itself, like Cavafy's poem Ithaca, it is the journey and not the arrival which is important. That being the case, you would probably be better choosing another destination, like Wadi Halfa, for example, and just paying the $80 and flying there from begining to end wrapped in comfort and western and far eastern tourism. The monument itself is still awe inspiring enough to cut someway through all that.

A word of warning about the other trip; traveling over the desert is illegal, and may lead to 3 days custody in Aswan, as you are escorted round the various headquarters being offered tea and appologies for the inconvenience.

Whatever, break a leg.


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