scenic flight Okavango/Maun

Apr 17th, 2008, 10:47 AM
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i am quite a newbee here - maybe 2 weeks - and i have already made one or two "friends" here ;-)
i don't now what it is....sometimes you run into people who just like to pick one and start offending for whatever reason.
would love these charakters just ignore me. but they won't because they just love to stir and show the others - yes what, i don't know. have no clue what motivates them.
maybe it's because they are fodor veterans and therefore think they are superior..... having got the right to "teach" others their rules - even the way one writes bothers them;-)
you run into them in the www as you do in real life. i have learned to cope.........

by the way: we all leave carbon footprints as we simply can't walk or swimm to africa;-)
we of course can minimize our impact on to nature. and nature lovers normally think before they act. but some things should be allowed without getting blamed or tought by others.
i also don't encourage others to do "game flights" as these flights go down far below 500m. helis are even worse.
but these taxiflights are a must to get from a to be especially in the delta. therefore the only option would be staying at home.
but in case you are american: staying at home means even more environmental impact as there you switch on your aircon 24/7/365, drive every meter to the mall in a huge car, driving around the kids to their all afternoon events etc etc etc.
don't bother and enjoy your safari!

happy landings!
Apr 18th, 2008, 08:20 AM
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One last post from me on the subject of this post in case anyone else is interested in the info I have gathered (before I fall foul of sniktawk again ....)
Thanks to pippa 13 for links and suggestions...
Found Mack Air and these are their rates:

1 x 5 seater Cessna 206 = BWP1900.00 + P50.00 per person departure tax

1 x 7 seater Airvan =BWP2700.00 + P50.00 per person departure tax

Times: Morning 0800 - 0900, 0830 - 0930, 0900 - 1000. 0930 - 1030

Evening 1600 - 1700, 1630 - 1730

Please note that in this case you have to stipulate the times for me and you also have to book a day in advance.As for the payments we do accept Visa and Master card.

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