Packing Lightly

Aug 30th, 1998, 08:15 AM
E. North
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Packing Lightly

I female) am traveling to Kenya/Tanzania with a group Safari in October and want to pack as lightly as possible. I would appreciate advice on what is most neeeded and what can be left at home! Thank you
Sep 1st, 1998, 06:52 AM
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We were on safari for 3 weeks in Kenya and Tanzania in November'96.As far as clothing was concerned I found that layering was the best way to go as it was rather chilly up in the Aberdares but warm Samburu.I don't know what parks you will be visiting but the higher elevations can be chilly in the early morning and late evening.
I took 3 pair of khaki pants,3 pair of shorts,4 short sleeved shirts,2 long sleeved shirts,1 lined wind breaker,a long light weight dress(for dinner in Nairobi and Mt Kenya Safari Club) 1 weeks worth of underwear& socks,a pair of hiking boots (or sturdy walking shoes) and a pair of plain flats.I also took a multi-pocketed vest which was probably the most worn item I packed.I took minimal toiletries and make-up.I did take a deet based insect repelent and a small medicine kit.Each camp where we stayed offered laundry service for a very reasonable price.
Take twice as much film as you think you will use..the memories will be so special..I hope this helps..Have a great trip!!
Sep 1st, 1998, 08:46 AM
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I forgot to mention before that a hat,
suncreen and bandana were also useful.
Sep 5th, 1998, 07:13 AM
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From experience: unless your hair dryer works on 220 volts, leave it at home. You probably can borrow one at each hotel or camp anyway. Electricity in Kenya and Tanzania can be a sometime thing, going on and off. If you don't like wearing a floppy hat, a baseball cap combined with a bandana works OK. Protect your ears from the sun. Take along some Kleenex packets as toilet paper in an emergency.
Be sure to slip some Imodium tablets into your wallet and pack some more in your medicine bag. Drink only bottled water just to be safe. Your safari driver will pack cases of the stuff into the trunk of your van. Just have fun!
Sep 18th, 1998, 08:31 PM
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I spent a month recently on business in Uganda, Kenya, Burundi & Tanzania and never checked a bag! I like to travel with 2 carry-ons,and pack to layer clothes for warmth in high country- which is more like a temperate zone climate even though you're practically on the equator. I like to pack silk because it takes up so little room, can get wadded up in those carry-ons and still look okay, is easy to rinse out and dry overnight, and it can be worn like long underwear or to sleep in! Be sure to take a light jacket. Try to avoid taking Lariam as an anti-malarial; many people living and working in Africa have experienced severe (psychological) side effects. Pepto-bismol is more effective (best pick of the CDC)and gentler on your system than immodium or lomotil; carry the chewable tablets. DO NOT wear gold or other valuable jewelry - leave it at home and enjoy some new african ornamentation if you like. Plan ahead each morning so you have only the money you'll need during the day easily accessible in a safe pocket.Do negotiate a mutually agreeable price for anything you purchase in an open market, and enjoy the coaching you may get on how to bargain! Leave plenty of room in your luggage for all those things you may find yourself longing to have purchased when you get home if you pack too much to fit them in. Have a wonderful trip!

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