mara or north serengeti nov first -second week

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Moni, youíll get big cats both in the Serengeti and the Mara. For 6-7 nights Iíd dare to say all three of them are guaranteed in the Mara. I donít know, but thereís a chance Rekero Homes are open and then you could get some dogs as well. Your migration chances might be better in the Serengeti.

As a solo traveller I get a private vehicle without paying about half of the time, the other half I usually share a vehicle with well-behaved people. I got an Explorer vehicle because I was staying at Intrepids and there was a problem with the steering of my Intrepids vehicle, so it wasnít that amazing after all.

Since price is no issue, canít you buy more time?

I like it that you think Iím African. Nyamera is the Swahili name for Africaís most important animal Ė the topi, though many people say ďtopiĒ even when speaking Swahili. In the Luo language (Lake Victoria region), Nyamera means ďtribal sister", so Iíve also been asked if Iím Luo.
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nyamera I am from India and we have diwali holidays from the 8th to the 14th, I am already skipping 3 days of office by leaving on the 6th and would like to skip more, but the business I deal in all rates come around the 1st to the 5th so it is difficult to leave if not impossible before that

which camp is better the interprids or explorer ( specially for good wildlife viewing. luxury is not that important) are the vehicles and guides at both places very good or the explorer ones are better, wow getting a private vehicle for free, or nominal cost,which place would be easier to get a private vehicle at such terms ,interprids,governors,explorer or rekero homes
Where is rekero homes located??? in the Mara, is it outside the reserve or inside and is it southern part of the mara

At present my iternary looks

day 1 mara,6th
day 2 mara, 7th
day 3 mara,8th
day 4 serengeti or arusha, 9th
day 5,6,7 serengeti, 10,11,12
day 8 serengeti jro nbo and back 13th

how does this look ?


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Moni, Intrepids and Explorer arenít that far from each other. Intrepids has very new tents and Explorer is smaller and more expensive. I think the vehicles are the same with different logos. Iíve heard thereíre some new vehicles at Intrepids, but the old ones looked perfect to me, except that the steering went completely dead Ö If money is no issue thereís no reason to choose Intrepids.

To get a private vehicle for free you just have to be lucky and it can happen anywhere.

Rekero Homes is outside the reserve, to the northwest.

Your itinerary looks a bit rushed, but Iím a very slow person.
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I believe Serian camp includes exclusive vehicle use in their rate. It's located outside of the reserve to the northwest.
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Hi nyamera and patty,

Sorry if my trip sounds rushed,I fully agree, but I have a few holidays and am trying to fit everything into it,

I just checked the migration is in the serengeti, correct me if I am wrong, should I do only northern serengeti or should do both the mara and serengeti.

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Moni, it looks like youíll have a better chance of seeing the migration in the Serengeti. Iíd go to just one place.

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After some research about the border crossing between Masai Mara and Serengeti, I got this from the ARP Group (alpha, pollmans, rangers). I copy the relevant part of the e-mail:
On the western
side of the Masai Mara close to Lake Victoria is a relatively new border
crossing point called Isabenia / Sirari. This traditionally a few years
ago was only an option for local East African residents. However due to
the volume of tourists now arriving and allow for more convenience, it
was decided by the local governments to create another crossing point
between the countries. This new point allows crossings close to Lake
Victoria and means a very scenic drive close to the shores of the lake
allows clients to even spend a night or two if they wish at a hotel on
the shores.

Please be aware that to cross from this border point would mean a full
day of driving from one of the camps/lodges on the western side of the
Mara to central or western Serengeti. The road is partly tarmac and
partly dirt tracks, similar to those in the national parks.

Hope this answers the question.
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bushperson -

We've discussed the Isebania border quite often on Fodor's. It's not all that new, but few use it as it's a long transfer - can be a full-day and that's without game viewing once entering the Serengeti.

Many choose to overnight at Speke Bay at Lake Victoria.

It's an alternative if leaving the Mara and heading to the Western Serengeti. Other locations in the Serengeti - South or Central - just too darn long.

But an option to the Namanga/Arusha crossing in the east.
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just book munni. you have a few days to go!
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thanks alot for your input, bush person,sandi and learningpuppy, Moni
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