Kenya + Ngorongoro or Serengeti?

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Kenya + Ngorongoro or Serengeti?

Working on a trip to East Africa. My international flights will be in/out of Nairobi, Kenya. I would like to visit either Ngorongoro or the Serengeti in Tanzania and then continue to Rwanda (or Uganada, Rwanda is preferable) for gorilla trekking before returning to Nairobi. Which is the better choice in Tanzania, Ngorongoro or the Serengeti? I am asking not only about the sights themselves but about flight connections into and out of the area as well as costs for a solo traveller. I was looking at flight schedules from Nairobi to Tanzania, Kenya Airways flies to Dar es Salam or Mount Kilamjaro, both of which are far from either Ngorongoro or Serengeti. Am I better off considering a land transfer (which I really don't want to take due to the time and comfort factor)?
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First question... what time of year? Second question... are you going on safari in Kenya, or are you just looking at Tanzania? Kenya Airways partner airline Precision Air flies to Kilimanjaro Airport from Nairobi (Kenya Airways itself doesn't.) Nearby Arusha is the gateway to all the wildlife areas in northern Tanzania. If you are going into Kenya, then on to do gorilla trekking, you may find that your best bet for a safari is actually in Kenya, rather than spending the time and money going to Tanzania (an additional visa for Tanzania is $100 for US citizens, for example.)
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Ignore reply from Mcmalusha who is a tout. Ngo and Serengeti in 1/day... wrong.

As ShayTay - when are you traveling?
Where you visit best based on season as are prices, more so for a solo traveler.
How many total days in-country (safari and gorillas)?
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Hi RJ ,
It all depends on which month you are traveling to East Africa. For instant if you are interested in seeing flora and fauna in the month of July through september and you are interested in visiting Tanzani, Kenya and uganda or rwanda..., and you want to take the road package then i would recommend for that you start with the ngorongoro crater by flying from home to kilimanjaro airport. there after proceed to the ngorongoro crater for 2 nights,after which connect with the shuttle buses to kenya via namanga boarder or fly in to JKIA , and if time is not a limiting factor on your end have a night in Nairobi and join a tour to maasai mara game reserve for atleast 3 (three) nights. that is during the migration of animals from serengeti to maasai mara...on your return catch a flight to uganda if you want to do the gorilla at bwindi forest otherwise you can access kampala via road malaba boarder though very long distance on the road (i recommend flight)alternatively if for rwanda take a flight from Nairobi to Kigali.
At the end of the day if you have an outbound flight to catch from Nairobi take a flight or road option in good time and end your east africa trip at the JKIA my friend.
i have tried to share with you what i was offered by when i and my other 4 friends got when we did as for a 16 days (sixteen days). good luck my friend.
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However the above works out for you, I'd do Ngorongoro. It is a unique very special place.

regards - tom
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I agree with Ngorongoro...fantastic wildlife and they can't get out!! Saw leopards cheetahs and lots of lions .. even saw a couple stalking a Masaii guy with his cows.....
Serengetti is good too but too spread out....for a short period go with the crater!!!
Cheers suethegipsy
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If you are flying in to Nairobi - why don't you just do your safari in Kenya. Here is a link to a post I did earlier today (scroll down to today's date) It covers both Kenya and Tanzania.

I am unsure when you are going and for how long. Its great to be able to spare the time and cash to do both countries but if you think you may go again - you might be better of staying in Kenya.

Also, when do you want to go - If you want to see the migration then being in Kenya when its in Tanzania or vice versa is no good!

With Tanzania where you need to go differs with the time of the year. If its your first trip there you will want to cover a number of places including Ngorongoro. I now tend to go to Alex Walker's Serian camps which twice a year he moves according to were the game is

I have cut and pasted below a response I did to a post on Tanzania earlier in the year.

I made two trips to Tanzania in Feb and back in March last year and spent the time in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area (NCA). The NCA covers over 8000 square kilometers and includes the short grass plains around lake Ndutu. I much prefer this area to the Serengeti National Park which is quite crowded with many restrictions on what you can do.

In March/April the wildebeest will be calving in the NCA and the predators will be really busy.

In Feb 2012 was on a short walking safari in Kenya and had a few days free so took off for Tanzania. I have been there in the calving season twice before and the game viewing is spectacular with lots of predator hunts.

Most people want to take in the Ngorongoro Crater, If you haven't been before its worth doing - Personally I wouldn't go into the crater again as I hate the vehicle circus around the game. But it is one of the Natural Wonders and at least one visit is a must - the view from the crater rim is spectacular.

I have stayed at the Ngorongoro Serena and also at the Ngorongoro Crater Lodge Both have excellent views of the crater. The Serena is cheaper and as lodges go it works fine for a short trip to the crater. All the rooms have great views and the common areas also. The Crater Lodge is run as part of the well known & beyond group and their standards are high. If you are there for a couple of days and enjoy walking ask for a walk in the Ngrogoro high lands. You can start from the lodge gates and its very pretty but don't expect to see much wildlife up close when you are walking as in most cases they tend to take off when they see you on foot.

Although there s a new road from Kenya to Tanzania I would not recommend driving - why waste time on the road when you can be in the bush. The border crossing can take some time. I presume you will be flying in to Kilimanjaro International Airport - your tour company based in Arusha will pick you up and you can drive to the Crater. Entering the NCA at the Lodoare Entrance Gate The road journey takes about 2 hours and the road is now hard surfaced. On another two week driving trip some years ago we started at Lake Manyara to see the tree climbing lions. Many options available and driving around is quite acceptable as usually you will be seeing alot of wildlife on route once you are in the NCA, Serengeti, Maswa areas - these are distinct parks but abut eact other.

Last year I stayed at Alex Walkers Serian Seregeti Camp earlier in the year his tented camp is in the South. The wildlife viewing is pretty spectacular and in February I was lucky to spend time with the largest pack of wild dogs that I have seen (>20). The reviews of the camp will speak for themselves. Great style, great opportunity to have a real bush experience. Again, if you like walking you can add in a couple of nights of fly camping. I tend to set out with a couple of Maasai guides and we walk and track all day. There are many activity options available.

This is a very intimate camp (c8 tents) and to the best of my knowledge it is still the only owner managed camp in the area. It's not the cheapest option but I have seen a few 4 nights for 3 deals on the net. I have also stayed at Kusini Camp and at other places around Ndutu but now I am an out and out Serian fan and tend to check out whatever Alex Walker does. He is also a committed conservationist and all his camps are low impact and he works closely with the local communities.

In the high season the Seronora area of the Serengeti can become quite overcrowded and there are many restrictions as to where you can drive.

You might want to take in Gol Kopje by the South entrance to the Serengeti National Park. some of the best cheetah country I have ever been to. Quite common to see them hunt. I am always amazed that most tourists drive straight by rushing into the Serengeti - This is pretty pristine uncrowded viewing well worth a day trip. Again it depends on when you want to go. This area is definitely not worth it in the dry season. The area is transformed in the green season and really comes to life from about November to May. Off road driving is allowed in Gol - this is great as long as vehicles respect the wildlife.

I always recommend Gamewatchers as a good company to book through as they really know their stuff - build great trips and importantly are really into conservation.
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In the Serengeti National Park you are not allowed to drive off road. Does that bother you? Also true of Ngorongoro.

Think the best entrance into Ngorongoro is from Sopa Lodge. There is gate entrance very close and you can get in Crater (6am) before anyone else.

regards - tom
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