Israel trip


Apr 30th, 2005, 04:15 PM
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Israel trip

My mother and I are planning a trip to Israel next spring. I am responsible for planning the trip and have some questions.
1. We are either going to do a group tour or a private tour. I read on another post that most people here prefer host country tour operators. Can you recommend any?
2. If you were going to stop on another country for two days before heading to Israel, where would you go? Keep in mind that we have never traveled to Europe so any country will be totally new to us.
3. How long does one need in Israel? I was thinking about touring for 7 or so days and then relaxing at the beach in Tel Aviv for a few days after.
4. I've been searching for a fodors or frommers or other quality travel book and have been unable to find one from an updated version from a major retailer. Do you have any suggestions (or even know why, for that matter)?

We are really looking forward to this trip. Thanks in advance for your response.
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May 1st, 2005, 12:07 PM
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Since there are no replies yet, I'll give it a try.

2. If you haven't been to Europe, then it doesn't matter. But of course, the top choices would be London or Paris.

3. Israel is a small country, so travel time is limited except when going to Eilat. The problem is there's so much to see. Jerusalem needs two full days, minimum. And then throughout the country there are Roman stuff, Christian stuff, Jewish stuff, Muslim stuff - basically any place your turn you find something, someplace you can spend half a day. You can have a nice 7 days or 7 weeks there.

4. Tourism has been down significantly since the "infitada" of 2000, and then 9/11, and the Iraq War. Only in the last year has it been picked up. I'm sure the travel guide publishers will start releasing updates soon.
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May 1st, 2005, 01:13 PM
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Below listed is a link to Isram Travel and Tours. They've been doing tours to Israel for 30+ years. They have an office in NYC. Select "Isreal" from this site and take a look at what they have to offer. They are any number of days and places visited as well as choice of hotels in various "star" * categories.

At least you'll have an idea of what can be done and prices to use for further comparison. Or if you like what you see, contact them.

You can do a search on this board using he box on the top of this page - enter Israel or Israel tour operators and threads containing information will appear in the left column. You might find an in-country outfitter which would be another resource and good for comparison.

Hope this helps you get started.

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May 2nd, 2005, 02:32 PM
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When I went to Israel, I chose Gate One Tours. Not bad, but I think there are others out there that can give you more. If you decide on a tour, don't just go with whatever a travel agent tells you. Look into various tours and do your research to know what you want.

Although I'm not personally big on tour groups, I am glad I went with one for my visit to Israel. I, too, went with my mother and I know she felt better about it.

You could stop someplace in Europe, but for only 2 days? I think I would go to Turkey if I were to go somewhere else before Israel. (But then, I'm a history geek so that would be ideal for me, might not be for you.)

Even though Israel is a fairly small country, it packs a huge amount of stuff! We went for 10 days (minus 2 days for traveling), and I wished it had been longer. 7 days can give you a good feel for the country, though. Just lots to see!

I think the reason there are no updated versions of travel guides is for the reason given above. More and more people are heading back, so there should be a demand again. There may be some guides out at the end of this year, perhaps?

Also, keep in mind when Passover is, unless your goal is to be in Israel for Passover. Things book up fast and are most expensive that time of year.

Enjoy! I would love to go back to Israel again some day!
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Aug 24th, 2005, 04:54 PM
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Preparing for my fourth and fifth trips to Israel (March and November of next year).........

My experiences with Gate 1 have been superb (ask for Roberta) and the best guide is Ezra Eini.......ask specifically for him.

Do your homework! If you know what you want and where you want to go they will tailor-make your tour for you.

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