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Oct 25th, 2012, 07:55 PM
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We were there in April (2012) so over a year after the major disturbances. As I have said before, Tahrir Square was basically unoccupied - 3 tents, a few signs, and half a dozen people - despite suggestions on CNN and others that it was still a hotbed of daily protests. Other than that, we saw no evidence of problems. The closest we came to a real protest was the people blocking the entrance to Luxor Airport to protest something-or-other. Tourists were re-routed to the military entrance, and bussed to the terminal; still, our flight left on time (Air Canada, take note!)

The Cairo museum was sadly in need of work. The place just looks dingy. It was moderately warm out, but we did not feel hot inside. We had the room pretty much to ourselves for about 5 minutes, once the other 4 people left. (Thanks to Ahmed Hamed Yousif!) The temperature was comfortable.

The skylights seem to need cleaning; they opened a second Ladies Restroom on the east stairwell landing, but it did not have running water - no flush or hand washing! The bookstore at the exit was empty. The poor labelling of the displays is notorious. Since this is the second-biggest attraction in Egypt, and one of the biggest in the world, you kind of wonder where all the money is going when the plumbing does not even work.

However - WHO CARES? The place is amazing. There's Tut's treasures, there are mummies (actual remains) of some of the most historic pharoahs of Ancient Egypt, there is an immense selection of sculptures, papyrus, other artifacts; there is the Narmer Palette from 4500 years ago at the dawn of Egyptian history... I'm not worried about the temperature for a few hours.
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Oct 26th, 2012, 01:30 AM
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MD - The problems of a dictatorship have been the reason for many of your observations and complaints about the museum, as I understand it.
I was telling a friend the other day that in 2013 prices into all the sites will be going up 25%, and I mentioned, I hoped this meant that some more money would be put into upgrading facilities. I was informed that all through the Mubarak years the constitution was written such that any money brought in from any one ministry was not left with that ministry. In otherwords, the Ministry of Tourism is not its own profit center. Revenue brought into Egypt via the Ministry of Tourism goes into the general coffers of the state and then is dealt out as needed anywhere - and of course as we know now much of it went into the pockets of Mubarak, his family, Zawi (no doubt) and anyone else that was top dog. At this point things are still the same until the new government makes these changes, IF they do.
As for the restroom not having water --- well, WELCOME to Egypt. We all have random times when we don't have water due to broken pipes that were dug up in some road construction somewhere or some other random act. Electricity is the same. It's just one of those $#!t happens sort of things. Was there water in the other bathroom? If so, clearly that is why the one without water was closed before that...Why they opened it remains a mystery. It used to be so nice when the Nile Hilton was next door with multitudes of working toilets.
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Oct 26th, 2012, 01:34 AM
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MD - you said "We had the room pretty much to ourselves for about 5 minutes, once the other 4 people left. (Thanks to Ahmed Hamed Yousif!) The temperature was comfortable."

So did Ahmed clear the room for you? Or control the temperature?

I know I know, you meant he timed the tour right so you had few people to deal with, but the way you wrote it, could be anything. LOL
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Oct 26th, 2012, 12:33 PM
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I thought the same thing CC.

As for the temperature, it's easy to say "I'm not worried about the temperature for a few hours" when you were there when the weather was mild. We were in Egypt when it was close over 100 degrees in Cairo and close to 110 in Luxor -- the temperature could have killed us it was so hot, inside and out. I have never been hotter than I was the day we were at Karnak Temple (and I've been in Palm Springs and Las Vegas in the middle of summer).
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Oct 29th, 2012, 10:51 AM
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Well - you have to give christen (and fronca and jak200 and elmery) an "A" for effort!

4 "different" posters, all joining Fodors in Oct 2012, all with just 1 post (each on a different topic), all with similar comments (and writing style and mis-spellings), and all pushing the same travel company.

I'll let everyone draw their own conclusions!
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Oct 30th, 2012, 01:48 AM
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Grcxx3 - is that what I'm missing in the "Comment has been removed by Fodor's moderators" section? Dang - I hate it when I miss those things - NOT (so much actually)

LOL - I love it when they do that - it really shows so much imagination - doesn't it?
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Dec 9th, 2012, 02:30 AM
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Dec 9th, 2012, 10:15 AM
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No a/c in the Tut Room? It was so cold, I chose to leave (having seen it when first visiting NYC years back) and by the time my friend came out, looked as if ice crystals were starting to form. Guess the a/c wasn't working that day and as the doors are often closed when the a/c is, guess it could be most uncomfortable.

And while Palm Springs and Las Vegas can be very very hot (but dry), when it comes to Cairo, the musuem and even Luxor, these are also very very humid.

The Mummy Room also has a/c and for that one I definitely stayed... having a sweater would have been most appreciated.
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