Does anybody else...

Mar 8th, 2005, 01:54 PM
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Does anybody else...

get depressed when they see too many Egypt and Israel posts???

I have resorted to reading the East Africa posts as of late!

By the way, thanks Divewop for an excellent report so far on Gorilla Trekking. I usually wouldn't even open up a Central & East Africa thread but I am glad that I did. I really felt the emotion in your writing when you spoke of first setting eyes on the Silverback. If for no other reason than to go Gorilla Trekking, I must get to Uganda/Rwanda in the next couple years.

For next year, however, I love the looks of an itinerary like this for late November/early December:

Mutemwa Lodge (near Sioma Ngwezi) (2)

Sioma Ngwezi Mobile Camping (3)

Liuwa Plains Mobile Camping (4)

Matetsi Water Lodge (2)

Makalolo Plains (3)

Kwando Kwara (3)

Kwando Lebala (3)
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Mar 8th, 2005, 02:01 PM
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Roccco - Having a bad day? Get a grip! The board is Africa & The Middle East - so that includes Egypt and Israel (and Jordan and Syria and Lebanon... aren't you glad that Turkey is on the Europe board?) I'm sure those posting threads under those two headings get just as depressed when they see so many of your Zambia postings. LOL!
Mar 8th, 2005, 03:56 PM
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Roccco - I feel your pain! I was bummed earlier when I couldn't get my safari fix (I'm not really interested in where to buy Egyptian Cotton). I'm just waiting for someone to come back and give us a good trip report about a Southern African safari. Until then, seems like the northern half has board.
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Mar 8th, 2005, 04:20 PM
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I fear for this board when you discover East Africa You really must consider visiting Masai Mara/Serengeti during the wildebeast migration -- you'll become as wedded to that ecosystem as you are to Zambia. Plus the Uganda/Rwanda add-on to a Kenya/Tanzania safari is incredible.

Plus, I'd love to piggyback on the exhaustive research that I'm sure you'll do if you ever decide to visit East Africa, so I have selfish reasons for encouraging your shift from southern to eastern Africa.
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Mar 8th, 2005, 04:30 PM
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If it makes you feel any better.. I posted a million times before and after my 2002 safari to Kenya.. I fear the sphynx is calling me.. forthe record, it's going to take a lot to top the sound of a lion outside of your hut .
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Mar 8th, 2005, 04:54 PM
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Just as you are passionate about certain places in Africa there are people who are enamored about other destinations and perhaps have no desire to see your selections of "wild" Africa. It would be pretty crowded in the game parks of Africa if everyone wanted to visit where you want to read about. East Africa is wonderful and Egypt too - everyplace has something to offer. So, don't get depressed at "other" posts - just bear with them. After all, they have no other place to post.
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Mar 8th, 2005, 04:56 PM
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Hey Rocco,

Secondly...I agree with thit_cho. I think you'd love the Serengeti/Mara ecosystem. Especially the Mara.
And since you're so close, you might as well do the Gorilla trekking. I think you'd like it. Truly for active people and the gorillas are just magnificent.

I wish I could find the words to put on paper how I felt about seeing them. It is quite an experience.
I'm 99% sure I'll do it again. It might even take the place of my Kili climb. Who knows!
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Mar 8th, 2005, 05:15 PM
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We're going to Africa for the first time this August. I'm assuming we'll enjoy it.

We travel periodically to Israel. I know we enjoy that.

So clearly, Roccco, it's time for you to take your next trip to Africa via Israel (on El Al's nonstop TLV-JNB) and see if you'll have something to say about the "other" face of this board.
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Mar 8th, 2005, 05:29 PM
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I am always looking for new and interesting routes to Africa, so anything is possible!

I apologize if I offended anyone with my dismissal of anything non-wildlife related. I am just dying for a trip report. How about some of the people who have taken trips, picked our brains relentlessly but never returned (the gay guy who went to East Africa stands out in particular). That one really hits a nerve because not only did he get so much advice, but most of us, myself included, also came running to his defense when he was bashed for his orientation.

Please, please, please have the courtesy to post a trip report if you have used this board and received helpful information from the regulars on this board. Believe it or not, some of us never tire of reading trip reports, and we can always learn more by reading trip reports.

Unfortunately, the only trip report I have is from a recent business trip to Salt Lake City! If ever in SLC, do not miss out on Spencer's Steakhouse located in the downtown Hilton. Awesome restaurant with wonderful food. Also, I was lucky enough to have a cab driver from the Congo and hang out with an African for about an hour, getting his whole story, etc. He was very surprised to meet someone with such an interest in Africa.

Anyway, nice to see a couple longtime Fodorites leaving soon (Liz and Ruthie) and I cannot wait to read their trip reports in a few weeks.
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Mar 9th, 2005, 06:38 AM
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Roccco and other regular posters --
I am guilty of having asked for and received wonderful advice on this board, but never posted a report after my last trip to South Africa. To be honest, I was a little bit intimidated because I felt that all the regular posters here are experts on Africa and my novice report will probably not be a very juicy read for many of you. (One example comes to mind ... I was literally moved to tears at the first sight of the first lion, but I think you guys have heard that a zillion times and don't need another newbie to repeat how awestruck she was!) Anyway, as I learn about the etiquette of this board, I pledge to post a report after my return from Zambia.
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Mar 9th, 2005, 07:44 AM
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Yikes, I am guilty as charged. Is there a 12 step program for Africa Addiction. Our trip is just over 9 weeks away and I admit to checking this website daily for new trip reports. Okay, sometime I check more than once a day.
I get so silly over wildlife..Just returned from 4 days in Wyoming and I did get a small fix. Spotted bison, coyote, moose & elk. Surely everyone in the car with us thought I was mad...yelling...STOP, SLOW DOWN MOOSE..BACK UP.
Hope I can contain myself a bit better on safari, good thing I requested private jeeps!
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Mar 9th, 2005, 08:32 AM
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Yes, I admit I scroll right by those Egypt and Israel posts, but those folks may bypass the Serengeti stuff and Botswana reports. Probably my loss. Maybe I'd find a new geographic passion if I expanded my horizons and paid more attention to those other locations. But my pocketbook does not need more reasons to take off for even more distant parts of the world.

ngodeia--please post your reports and anything else. When you cry over the lion, we all get to cry over the lion!

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Mar 9th, 2005, 09:58 AM
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ngodeia - I love to read trip reports of "first timers". It just brings back the wonder and awe I felt on my first and second trip. (On my second trip I still couldn't believe that I was going/really there and that trip was also filled with wonder and awe.)

It's also nice to hear that others were affected the same way I was - you with lions, me with elephants.

I didn't post a real trip report here until after my third trip (and it must not have been very good because it didn't receive any comments) but I'm glad I wrote it out because I enjoy reading it and remembering the trip.
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Mar 9th, 2005, 12:38 PM
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ngodeia - "first-timer" reports are as good as those from return travelers. It reminds us of our own emotions and thoughts, our first time. And re-enforces the reasons we yearn to return. Give it a shot, and don't worry about how it compares to anything else. It was your safari, and that's all that matters.
Mar 9th, 2005, 01:53 PM
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Mar 9th, 2005, 02:10 PM
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I returned from Zim and Botswana in Sept, and went to Makalolo (3 nights) Chickwenya (3 nights)--they were great, lot's of elephants, lion, hippo, sable and roan, lepoard,,not many people--then off to:
Savute, Leopard cubs, lions, great wter hole in front of camp--filled with elephants all day long,

Chitabe, wild dogs killed impala in camp;cheetah, lions, all the usual suspects

Duba(great lions hunting buffalo)

Mombo--too many great sights to count

all done with www.Wilderness Safari, I was very happy with them. i was in east africa in the 80's and am going to souther Tanzania next fall. I loved Botswana and Zim.
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Mar 9th, 2005, 03:03 PM
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I guess my trip report didn't count then, pity I wasted so much time on it!

Just joking, I enjoyed writing it and have posted some of my wife's pictures today. If you missed my trip report it is out there and while Mala Mala and Makanyane may not be Zambia, they were pretty damned good.

And of course if you think its a pile of crap please say so, who knows we may be able to get into a good argument.
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Mar 9th, 2005, 03:25 PM
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I have done several trips since my last trip to Africa in August 2003, so if anyone is interested, I can supply trip reports on these trips (I've taken plenty of business trips, but I haven't listed them below):

July 2004 -- Romania and Bulgaria
August 2004 -- Norway and Sweden
November 2004 -- Michoacan, Mexico (to see the monarch butterly migration -- stupendous, and it can be done in a three-day weekend from the US if you're looking for a short trip)
December 2004 -- Bermuda
February 2005 -- Bogota and Cartagena, Colombia

Upcoming trips
March 2005-- St. Maarten, St. Barts and Anguilla
May 2005 -- Madagascar
August 2005 -- Ukraine
October 2005 -- Churchill, Manitoba (to see polar bears)

I will do a trip report for Madagascar on this branch, but I hadn't intended to do trip reports for any non-Africa trips.

I'm also off to Milwaukee this weekend on a business trip, but I do intend to visit the art museum (with the wing designed by the Spanish architect, I forget his name).
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Mar 9th, 2005, 05:35 PM
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Would be interested to hear about Madagascar.
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Mar 9th, 2005, 07:05 PM
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thit cho,

Looking forward to the Madagascar report.

The architect is Calatrava. I live just over the bridge and down the road from the museum!


What excellent sightings. Must have been an action-packed trip! I hope some of the animals you saw hang around through next September. I'll be visiting some of your destinations in August.
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