Back from India!

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Thank you
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Late to the party as usual. Welcome back and I, too, am looking forward to the photos. And really sorry to hear you got ill. That's no fun at all...
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I've enjoyed hearing about your trip, Kavey. I'm so sorry you got sick but at least it didn't spoil the whole trip.

What luck with the tigers! What an amazing experience. Too bad about the drives and drivers.

Your description of the weather reminded me of my trip and I can certainly sympathize with you.

Looking forward to seeing your pictures.
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Thanks guys, what a lovely welcome!
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WALKING through other areas of the park!? Sounds like a scary job to me

Author: Kavey ([email protected])
Date: 04/12/2006, 05:16 am

...those locals they were picking up were likely the forest rangers who are responsible for walking through different areas of the park on a daily basis tracking and recording tiger and other populations...
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In response about the locals being picked up being rangers...

We saw several rangers and they were dressed appropriately. The locals I'm talking about go inside the park to visit a temple within the park. These were women with babies, old men, etc. On our second drive, the driver and tracker stopped routinely without once asking the permission of any of the individuals on the drive. I made a comment to our guide and he kicked up a fuss. The driver and tracker seemed put out by his inquiry but did not let the locals ride. Thankfully on our next drive, we got the private jeep so had no room.

Re Jackel & Hyena: I was so excited because I was the one that spotted the jackel and I actually got a photo of it. The hyena was an added bonus; we saw it on the road into the park first thing in the morning. Interestingly, the ranger said that in India hyenas are solely nocturnal (wow..very different from Africa).

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Glad to see that you made it back (despite the Delhi belly) and that you had good tiger sightings. I really hope that the CCA camps will follow the African model for game viewing and prevent some of the problems you experienced (which are what put me off going on a tiger safari). I've heard that the other parks aren't organised the same way which can only be an improvement from the sound of things...

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Wow! I am sorry about your illness, but it seems like it was still a great trip. I am going to India in January with my husband and staying at Vanyavilas. I anticipated that the safari in india would be very different than in south africa. Is it possible to arrange for a private vehicle? If so, do they still have that time limit to adhere to? Is there anything else that I should know in terms of planning my trip to Ranthambore?
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Wayne, we expressed concern about these guys walking through the park but Ranthambore has NO history of tiger attacks on rangers so it's obviously not a problem. Tigers tend to shy away from men on foot rather than the other way around.

Deb, the rangers we picked up didn't really have a uniform per se - though a number were wearing grey clothing so perhaps that was as much as the uniform specified. We did stop at the temple, just outside the exit gate to the park, a few times (mostly to take pictures of the monkeys gathered there) but didn't really interact with any of the worshippers...

You got a pic of the jackal? Would love to see!

Julian, my understanding is also that the other parks are not quite as shackled by bureaucracy as Ranthambore but they may still be by some extent - I don't know. One hopes that standards will rise but the corruption that is so endemic in India (much more so than in Africa, to my understanding) makes progress slow and patchy.

Dr Andrea, I don't know if one can hire private jeeps at Vanya Vilas - I do know that there is a strict limit on total numbers of vehicles into the park from all and any operators so it may be the case that Vanya Vilas have only a certain number of jeeps to be shared by all guests. For our group, which took over the entire accommodation, plus staff and experts in a neighbouring hotel, additional cantors were brought in to supplement the jeeps so that we could ALL go on ALL the drives in comfort. Best to contact them directly on this one...

And the restrictions on assigned routes and exit times are the same for ALL vehicles entering the park so I doubt you'd be able to do much on that one.

It might be worth contacting them to ask them to prearrange drives on your various days to ensure that you are NOT given the same route each time and get to visit the various different areas of the park. Because our groups were split according to which expert was with us routes were ignored and I ended up doing the same route (with minor variations) for my first 4 drives. Luckily my last two were on another route - one that finally gave me the sightings of the lakes and ruins that equated to "Ranthambore" in my mind's eye.
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Welcome back and glad your trip was so successful. Thanks for the Ranthambore insights. Sorry about your illness but seems you had a reasonably quick recovery that did not prevent you from enjoying your holiday.
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Thanks Lynn
I was determined it wouldn't stop me from fully participating in the main part of the festival in Ranthambore though to be honest when I was still feeling crap on my arrival there, the day before stuff started, I had resigned myself to missing out some of the activities so I was delighted that I was able to do everything...
Thanks for the welcome back, again!
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Kavey, first time visiting the forum in ages and I noticed your India trip! I was also very ill in Jaipur and it was my only time there (this was like 20 years ago). Great that you did go to the hospital and were able to enjoy most of your trip. I'm glad your dad is all right after last fall's scare too.

As always, the excitement of travel comes through your posts!

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Dear Kavey, welcome back! I have been off the forums for a long time (new job/less travel) but it's so nice to see your post. I am really sorry you became so ill, any clue on what, specifically brought it on? Also, how was the care you received?
Lucky you with the tigers!
Welcome back!
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Have any of you used Pepto Bismol tablets to help ward off stomach problems when traveling? I used them on my trip to India in November and was very happy that I did not get sick. Don't know if they did the trick or I was just lucky! I did drink bottled water, but brushed my teeth with tap water. I loved India and would go back anytime. Kavey, I had a new Canon digital xt on the trip, so I sort of learned to use it as I traveled through India! I do love digital. Glad you recovered from your illness.
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My friend and I both took Pepto Bismol tabs 3 times a day for our entire trip in 2003 and never got sick.Of course, like you, we don't know if it was the Pepto or luck. At any rate, I plan on doing the same thing when I go back.
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A bit of luck I think though luck favors those who are careful. . Seriously you do have to take precautions. I got typhoid there once and no amt. of Pepto would have helped that. I must say too that when I got that my guard was down, i.e. tried street food, etc. Be as careful as you can and you should be OK. JM2C.
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