10 days in Morocco

Jan 28th, 2000, 09:15 AM
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Liz: 10 days is never enough! That being said, you could do Southern Spain and Morocco in ten days, and on a budget. Morocco is VERY inexpensive and there's lots to see and do. You'll probably take the ferry from Spain to Tangier...leave Tangier asap. It's not a bad place; it's just there are more interesting places in Morocco to visit (Fez, Volubilis, Meknes, etc.). The train system is great (and cheap); the Grands Taxis (driver and car) can be hired to take you to almost anywhere and at VERY reasonable prices.
Feb 9th, 2000, 12:35 PM
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Hi! My fiance and I just booked our honeymoon at Club Valtur - Agadir. Anyone with any experiences there?
Apr 5th, 2000, 10:59 PM
Michele Hartmann
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Hi--I'm leaving for Morocco on 4/10/00. I will be visiting Fez and Marakesh. Would it be possible for you to recommend any 3-4 star hotels in these cities? A restaurant not to be missed? How long should we plan for our drive from Marakesh to Fez? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much in advance!
Apr 11th, 2000, 10:50 AM
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My sister and I are taking a Trafalgar tour this summer that goes to Morrocco.I need tips as to clothes and customs that should be observed. Special things that we could do on free time. We will stop in Marracach and Casablanca,and Fez.
Any info will help. Thanks.
Apr 12th, 2000, 10:11 AM
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Michelle: a 3* or 4* hotel in Morocco isn't the same as those in Europe; in Marrakesh, we stayed at the Ibn Ba Touta which was clean, comfortable and with a very accommodating staff.

Mary: Moroccan Islam is not as restrictive as in other countries; you will see women in jeans and leather jackets, and in head-to-toe veils. Alcohol is served in restaurants and cafes. I'm a desert dweller so I never go outside in the midday sun in tank tops and short shorts; we wore short sleeved blouses and t-shirts, khaki pants and broomstick skirts as protection from the sun and also in respect for the culture. As for things to see, I'm sure the tour will take you to all the important sights. If you are in Fez, and Volubilis is not on the agenda, make sure you hire a grand taxi and go see it. In the Fez medina, ask to see the tannery from a rooftop. In the Marrakesh medina, ask to see the breadbaker and the ironworker who makes great big locks.

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