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Much like the eclectic city itself, Seattle's lodging offers something for everyone. There are grand, ornate vintage hotels; sleek and elegant, modern properties; green hotels with yoga studios and enough bamboo for an army of pandas; and cozy bed-and-breakfasts with sweet bedspreads and home-cooked breakfasts. Travelers who appreciate the anonymity of high-rise chains can comfortably stay

here, while guests who want to feel like family can find the perfect boutique inn to lay their heads.

The newest properties on the scene have been open for a few years now but are stunning: Four Seasons Hotel Seattle brings a modern, Northwest-infused take on the brand, while the Hyatt at Olive 8 offers luxurious green digs as the city's first LEED-certified hotel. The Maxwell Hotel is lower Queen Anne's chic new property with modern styling and great views of the Space Needle, and the Arctic Club’s posh revamp of an early-1900s gentleman’s club is a boon to the financial district.

Unfortunately, there’s no getting around the fact that staying in Seattle is expensive. Unless you’re willing to sleep in one of the (surprisingly nice) hostels we’ve listed or share a bathroom at the Ace Hotel, expect to pay at least $130–$200 a night for basic accommodations anywhere in-city. Budget travelers will want to look outside the Downtown core, or try to finagle deals from online booking sites. And as always, the devil is in the details: parking fees, charges for Wi-Fi, and additional costs for view rooms can bump nightly rates $100 or more. As travelers have felt the squeeze, some hotels have responded with lower prices, special packages, and sensible extras, like free parking or meal vouchers. Many hotel bars and restaurants are also offering happy hours, sometimes twice a day, with an emphasis on food as well as cocktails.

And with all the convention and cruise travelers, high season can mean a scramble to find anything in the center of town. Never fear, though—most of the neighborhoods have relatively quick access to Downtown; a couple, like Queen Anne, South Lake Union, and Capitol Hill, are a quick walk away, and many hotels offer free shuttles to the core. Breathe deep, book ahead, and aim high—you never know what sort of deals you might find.

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