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Lodging Alternatives

Hotels are an obvious lodging choice, but they aren't your only option; there are plenty of other ways to stay in Boston, some with much more affordable rates than your average double room. Bed-and-breakfasts in general often get a bad rap for being too cloying, cutesy, or dusty, but many in the Boston area are updated, clean, and modern, and well worth a look. If you don't need fancy service or amenities, stay in the simplest lodging possible: a hostel.

Apartment Rentals

If you don't mind doing a bit of legwork, you can look into apartment rentals or short-term sublets. This option generally provides a home base that's roomy enough for a family and comes with cooking facilities. Home-exchange directories sometimes list rentals, and many of the B&B agencies also handle apartment, cottage, and house rentals.


Bed & Breakfast Agency of Boston (617/720–3540 or 800/248–9262.

Bed & Breakfast Associates (888/486–6018.

Greater Boston Hospitality Bed & Breakfast Service (617/393–1548.

Host Homes of Boston (617/244–1308 or 800/600–1308.

Home Exchanges

A home-exchange organization will send you its updated listings of available home swaps via either email or printed brochure. It's up to you to make specific arrangements.

HomeLink US (954/566–2687 or 800/638–3841.

Intervac U.S. (800/756–4663.


Hostelling International (HI), the umbrella group for a number of national youth-hostel associations, offers single-sex, dorm-style beds and often, rooms for couples and family accommodations. Membership in any HI national hostel association, open to travelers of all ages, allows you to stay in HI-affiliated hostels at member rates; one-year U.S. membership is about $28 for adults; hostels charge about $10-$45 per night. Members have priority if the hostel is full.

Hostelling International New England. Hostelling International New England provides information on membership and on hostels in the Boston area. 617/718–7990.

Hostelling International Australia (

Hostelling International Canada (613/237–7884.

Hostelling International New Zealand (03/379–9970 or 0/800/278–299.

Hostelling International UK (0800/0191–700 or 01629/592–700.

Hostelling International US (240/495–1240.

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