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Washington is a monumental city. In the middle of traffic circles, on tiny slivers of park, and at street corners and intersections, you’ll find statues, plaques, and simple blocks of marble honoring the generals, artists, and statesmen who helped shape the nation. Of these tributes, the greatest and grandest are clustered west of the Mall on ground reclaimed from the marshy flats of the Potomac—which also happens to be the location of Washington's most striking display of cherry trees.


Washington, D.C. Hotels

The Capital City’s hotel scene befits Washington’s image as a world-class destination. With so much variety in lodging,... read more


Washington, D.C. Restaurants

Washington has long benefited from a constant infusion of different cultures, making it a stellar culinary host for visitors... read more


Washington, D.C. Experiences

  • Washington, D.C. Today

    Classically majestic and stunningly beautiful, the Capitol, the White House, and the Supreme Court stand at the heart of Washington, D.C.,... Read more

  • Top Washington, D.C. Attractions

    Home of the Senate and the House of Representatives, the marble Capitol is an architectural marvel filled with frescoes and statues. Tours... Read more

  • Best Washington, D.C. Itineraries

    If you have a day or less (and even a dollar or less!) in D.C., your sightseeing strategy is simple: take the Metro to the Smithsonian... Read more

  • Free Things to Do in D.C.

    For the thrifty, D.C. is a dream come true. All Smithsonian museums and national memorials are free, as are many other top attractions... Read more

  • How D.C. Came to Be

    The city that invented American politicking, back scratching, and delicate diplomatic maneuvering is itself the result of a compromise.... Read more

  • D.C. with Kids

    D.C. is filled with kid-friendly attractions. These sights are sure winners: Any youngster who gets an allowance will enjoy watching... Read more

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