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Most accommodations in this part of Panama range from comfortably rustic to downright primitive. Only Guna are allowed to own businesses in Guna Yala; a waga (foreigner) is prohibited from holding property here. Lodges are basic as a result—most have no hot water, no air-conditioning, no Internet, and only a few hours of electricity at night—but some of those thatched bungalows have priceless

ocean views. There are a few nice Guna lodges, but the less expensive ones tend to be dirty and serve lamentable food, which is why few are listed in this book. Since most Guna lodges lack offices, only three accept credit cards. The alternative is to visit Guna Yala on a day trip and sleep at Coral Lodge, 26 km (16 miles) away, which has most of the comforts of home .

The Darién province currently has few lodging options, but they are comfortable, and include air-conditioning. One characteristic all lodges in this region share is that they are expensive for what you get, but keep in mind that rooms come with three meals, guided tours, and transportation. Standard check-out time is usually right after breakfast since passengers must be at the port before 9 am for the car transfer back to Panama City. Few island lodges have late check-in, and will charge an additional $25 per person if staying for lunch.

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