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The Rhätibahn

The Rhätibahn (Rhätische Bahn) is not simply a means of transport but a journey that thousands love to experience every year. In July 2008 it won UNESCO World Heritage status in recognition of its feats of engineering and the wondrous landscapes that it passes through. The track winds its way across glaciers, over viaducts and gorges, and past stupendous Alpine scenery—along the way revealing scenes from a centuries-old way of life that's been all but forgotten in the bigger towns and cities.

The tracks of this wondrous travel experience thread a large section of Graubünden but also reach to other cantons in Switzerland and can even transport you southward across the border to Italy. The network offers special services with named prestige trains—the top three are the Arosa Express, Bernina Express, and the Glacier Express. Each follows its own route, and prebooking is essential. Doing a little research to see which lines fit with your itinerary is well worth it. To ensure your chosen outpost is on one of the varied lines and to avoid disappointment, it is best to check online or call ahead. For more details, call 081/2886565 or visit

Updated: 09-2013

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