The Moselle Valley: Places to Explore


  • Bech-Kleinmacher

  • Ehnen

    Ehnen, with its narrow old streets, carved-wood doors, and unusual circular church, is a popular excursion goal for city dwellers who want to contemplate the river and sample the grape.

  • Grevenmacher

    Grevenmacher is one of the largest towns along the Moselle river. Founded in the 7th century, it eventually became a medieval fortress, and a castle tower still dominates the area. Modern-day...

  • Mondorf-les-Bains

    Sitting near the French and German borders, this quaint spa town attracts visitors from hundreds of miles away for its natural spring waters, reputed for centuries to cure whatever ails you....

  • Remich

    Once a medieval fortification, Remich is now one of the busier towns along the Moselle, serving as home to the State Viticulture Institute and the National Wine Mark, which oversees, rates, and...

  • Schengen

    Located at the point where the Luxembourg, German, and French borders converge, this small town looms large in recent European history. It was here, aboard the boat Marie-Astrid, that the final...


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