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Though Munich has a vast number of hotels in all price ranges, booking one can be a challenge, as this is a trade-show city as well as a prime tourist destination. If you're visiting during any of the major trade fairs such as the ISPO (sports, fashion) in January or the IHM (crafts) in February/March, or during Oktoberfest at the end of September, try to make reservations at least a few months

in advance. It is acceptable practice in Europe to request to see a room before committing to it, so feel free to ask at check-in once you arrive.

Some of the large, upscale hotels that cater to expense-account business travelers have attractive weekend discount rates—sometimes as much as 50% below normal prices. Conversely, most hotels raise their regular rates by at least 30% during big trade fairs and Oktoberfest. Online booking sites like Hotel Reservation Service ( often have prices well below the hotel's published prices (i.e., price ranges in this guide) in slow periods and on short notice. Look for the names we suggest here and search online for potential deals.

Munich's tourist information office has two outlets that can help you with hotel bookings if you haven't reserved in advance. One is outside Hauptbahnhof, the central station, and the other is at Marienplatz, in the Rathaus information office. Your best bet is to visit in person.

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