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When the world's fashion-conscious think "Finland," they think Marimekko. Founded by a Finnish couple in 1951, the company got its big international break when Jacqueline Kennedy appeared in front of JFK on the cover of Sports Illustrated magazine wearing a Marimekko dress during the 1960 presidential campaign. More recently, Manolo Blahnik took the company's prints as one of the inspirations for his spring/summer 2008 collection. One of its best-known designs is artist Marija Isola's "Unikko," comprising large poppies in bright, bold colors, created in 1964 and still in production on items from dresses to bedding. Another of the company's timeless designs is "Piccolo," a vivid striped pattern that first took the form of the "Jokapoika" shirt (1956) and is today printed on clothing and accessories found in Marimekko stores. The company introduces dozens of new fabric designs every year, with an emphasis on bold, uncluttered patterns.

Updated: 2013-12-09

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