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A city of the sea, Helsinki was built along a series of oddly shaped peninsulas and islands jutting into the Baltic coast along the Gulf of Finland. Streets and avenues curve around bays, bridges reach to nearby islands, and ferries ply among offshore islands.


Helsinki Hotels

Smaller stores are generally open weekdays from 9 to 6 and Saturday from 9 to 1; larger department stores are open until 9... read more


Helsinki Restaurants

Helsinki is dotted with cozy yet decidedly modern-looking venues offering reindeer, herring, and pike accompanied by... read more


Helsinki Experiences

  • Saunas

    An authentic Finnish sauna is an obligatory experience, and not hard to find: there are 1.6 million saunas in this country of just more... Read more

  • Marimekko

    When the world's fashion-conscious think "Finland," they think Marimekko. Founded by a Finnish couple in 1951, the company got its big... Read more


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