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Where exactly does Northern Dalmatia begin? Zadar may be the region's cultural and urban capital—it is, after all, the first sizeable city you encounter in Dalmatia on your way south from Zagreb or Rijeka—but it is not where the region begins, either culturally or geographically. Look instead to the southern reaches of the Velebit mountains, where that coastal range gives way to the flat, sandy coastline of Nin and environs. Practically speaking, though, you enter Dalmatia proper when you cross the long, bright-red span of the Maslenica Bridge going south on the route from Zagreb to Zadar.


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As elsewhere along practically every populated area of the Croatian coast, package-hotel resorts are easy to find, in... read more


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Fresh seafood is the cuisine of choice in Northern Dalmatia, as it is elsewhere on Croatia's coast. Beyond standard coastal... read more

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    Heavenly Monuments. From the Crkva sv. Donata, Croatia's most monumental surviving early Byzantine church, to Katedrala sv.... Read more


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