North Caicos

Thanks to abundant rainfall, this 41-square-mile (106-square-km) island is the lushest in the Turks and Caicos chain. With an estimated population of only 1,500, the expansive island allows you to get away from it all. Bird lovers can see a large flock of resident flamingos here, anglers can find shallow creeks full of bonefish, and history buffs can visit the ruins of a loyalist plantation. Although there's little traffic, almost all the roads are paved, so bicycling can be an excellent way to sightsee. Even though it's a quiet place, you can find several small eateries around the island offering local specialties, often served with homegrown okra or corn. The beaches are au naturel, littered with seaweed and pine needles and whatever else the winds and tides bring—perfect for the beachcomber. Nevertheless, some of these secluded strands are breathtaking.

North Caicos definitely moves at a much slower pace, especially in comparison with shiny Provo. Accommodations are clean but fairly basic, and locals are consistently friendly.

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