Havana Travel Guide


Plan Your Havana Vacation

In this historic seaport, long known as the Key to the New World, classic American cars clatter along streets lined with Spanish architecture and pulsating with African and Caribbean rhythms. Old Havana's baroque facades, massive-columned palaces, and lush patios whisper tales of Cuba's colonial past. Everywhere, Spanish, African, Caribbean, and American flavors boil in a dynamic and sensual brew.


Havana Hotels

Let your interests dictate where you stay. If you love history and architecture, pick a hotel in La Habana Vieja or Centro. Just be aware that while hotels...read more


Havana Restaurants

Although Havana may not, for the moment, offer a head-spinning number of irresistible gastronomical options, things are improving. And there are ways to...read more


Havana Experiences

  • Top Reasons to Go to Havana

    Architecture: Havana has many outstanding examples of Spanish colonial architecture. The UNESCO restoration project currently underway will, over... Read more

  • Havana's Fortresses and Monuments

    Havana's great fortalezas (fortresses; also referred to as castillos, or castles) are reminders of Spain's mighty presence. Monuments testifying... Read more

  • Cuban Cuisine

    Carne de cerdo or puerco (pork) and pollo (chicken) dishes are common, with res (beef), pargo (snapper), cherna (grouper), camarones (shrimp)... Read more