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Singapore was once little more than a stopover for many travelers, but now it has come into its own as a booming metropolis that does good business for vacations as well as holidays. This has led to many hotels having to refurbish, expand, and vary their services to accommodate a changing clientele. As in many others cities, boutique hotels with smaller, quirkily designed rooms have become more

and more common over the past couple of decades.

Hotel prices in Singapore can rival those in New York or London—a superior double room in a deluxe hotel can run more than S$400 a night, and one with a private bath in a modest hotel may run around S$200 a night. During conventions and in the peak months of December and June through September, rooms are often scarce, and prices rise. Still, there are usually enough discounts and deals that you can avoid having to pay the full published prices.

For truly low rates, concentrate your search in Chinatown and Little India, which have many of Singapore's budget hotels.

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