Tokyo Features


Tokyo Features

  • What's Where

    Tokyo commands a prominent position in the Kanto region on the southern coast of Honshu, Japan's largest island. Some 13 million people live in... Read more

  • Top Attractions

    At 2,092 feet in height, the world’s second-tallest structure towers over eastern Tokyo, providing breathtaking views across the city from its... Read more

  • Today's Tokyo . . .

    ... is pumped to host the 2020 Olympics. In 2013 Tokyo got the exciting news that it would host the 2020 summer games, beating out cities like... Read more

  • Top Experiences

    The ryokan offers one of Japan’s most unforgettable experiences. The rooms at these traditional inns are outfitted with Japanese-style interiors... Read more

  • A Walk Through Everyday Tokyo

    The central shopping street Yanaka Ginza is crammed with mom-and-pop stores and small eateries that feel as if they’ve remained unchanged since... Read more

  • Japanese Etiquette

    Many Japanese expect foreigners to behave differently and are tolerant of faux pas, but they are pleasantly surprised when people acknowledge... Read more

  • Tokyo Like a Local

    Wining and dining, cocktails with class, clubbing and carousing—you'll find it all, and more, beneath Tokyo's neon-soaked night sky. Of all the... Read more

  • Stretch Your Legs

    The venue of choice for runners is the Imperial Palace Outer Garden. At the west end of the park, Sakurada-mon's (Gate of the Field of Cherry... Read more

  • Is That Edible?

    The custom of putting models of the food served in the restaurant's windows dates back to the Meiji Restoration period, but the food wasn't always... Read more

  • Gooooaaaallll!!!!

    The J. League, Japan's first professional soccer league, was started in 1993 and has 37 teams in two divisions. Tokyo hosts two of those professional... Read more

  • Golden Gai

    Tucked away on the eastern side of Tokyo's sordid Kabuki-cho district (near Shinjuku), Golden Gai is a ramshackle collection of more than 200... Read more

  • The Quintessential Japanese Restaurant

    Most often walled off from the outside world, a ryotei is like a villa that has been divided into several small, private dining rooms. These... Read more

  • Tips on Dining

    There's no taboo against slurping your noodle soup, though women are generally less boisterous about it than men.... Read more

  • What's a Vegetarian to Do?

    Tokyo has had a reputation for being a difficult place for vegetarians, but more and more Japanese are opting to go vegetarian, resulting in... Read more

  • A Mostly Naked Free-For-All

    Sumo wrestling dates back some 1,500 years. Originally a religious rite performed at shrines to entertain the harvest gods, a match may seem... Read more

  • Kanpai!

    Whether you're out with friends, clients, or belting out a tune at the local karaoke bar, you're sure to have a drink at least once during your... Read more

  • Tokyo-Style Nightlife

    Tokyo has a variety of nightlife options, so don't limit yourself to your hotel bar in the evenings. Spend some time relaxing the way the locals... Read more

  • All That Tokyo Jazz

    The Tokyo jazz scene is one of the world's best, far surpassing that of Paris and New York with its number of venues playing traditional, swing... Read more

  • Shopping in Kappabashi

    A wholesale-restaurant-supply district might not sound like a promising shopping destination, but Kappabashi, about a 10-minute walk west of... Read more

  • The Power of Tea

    Green tea is ubiquitous in Japan. But did you know that besides being something of a national drink, it's also good for you? Green tea contains... Read more

  • The Essentials of a Japanese Meal

    The basic formula for a traditional Japanese meal is deceptively simple. It starts with soup, followed by raw fish, then the entrée (grilled... Read more

  • On the Menu

    Sushi—slices of raw fish or shellfish on hand-formed portions of vinegared rice, with a dab of wasabi for zest—is probably the most well-known... Read more

  • Ieyasu Tokugawa's Shrine in Nikko

    In 1600, Ieyasu Tokugawa (1543–1616) won a battle at a place in the mountains of south-central Japan called Seki-ga-hara that left him the undisputed... Read more

  • The Tale of Yoshitsune and Shizuka: A Japanese Romeo and Juliet

    Once a year, during the Spring Festival (early or mid-April, when the cherry trees are in bloom), the Mai-den hall at Tsuru-ga-oka Hachiman-gu... Read more

  • Onsen: Japanese Hot Spring Spas

    While earthquakes are an annoying, everyday fact of life in Japan, they also provide one of the country's greatest delights: thermal baths. Wherever... Read more

  • The Architecture of Omotesando

    With Tokyo's impressive array of high-end fashion and jewelry stores has come an equally astonishing collection of beautiful buildings. A 20-minute... Read more

  • Traditional Crafts in Tokyo

    The Japanese take pride in their monozukuri: a gift for making things. Well they might, with traditions of craftsmanship centuries old to draw... Read more

  • Japanese Ryokan Etiquette

    Guests are expected to arrive at ryokan in the late afternoon. When you do, put on the slippers that are provided and a maid will escort you... Read more

  • The Tokaido Checkpoint in Japan

    In days gone by, the town of Hakone was on the Tokaido, the main highway between the Imperial Ccourt in Kyoto and the shogunate in Edo (present-day... Read more

  • Planning For Mt. Fuji

    Beware of fickle weather around and atop the mountain. Summer days can be unbearably hot and muggy, and the nights can be a shocking contrast... Read more