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Dubai Marina

The world's largest man-made marina and waterfront development, Dubai Marina's 50 million square feet changed the face of the southern end of Jumeirah Beach and started a real-estate boom that has yet to peak. It was the first venture in which freehold real estate could be bought by anyone from anywhere around the globe. The Marina is home to 200 high-rise towers that have become an entertainment, leisure, and business hub, which locals call "new Dubai."

In addition, a series of specialized free-zone "cities" and "villages" have sprung up around the Marina since the turn of the millennium, as part of Dubai's long-term plan to become one of the world's foremost investment, research, and enterprise zones. An impressive selection of Fortune 500 companies have their Middle East, Africa, and India headquarters here, and many more are sure to follow.

Be aware that the man-made inlets to Dubai Marina have separated the southern tip of Jumeirah Beach from the main coastal strip, so you'll find some of the older hotels here still use Jumeirah or Jumeirah Beach in their titles.

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