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Tel Aviv, Israel's ever-growing metropolis, would be unrecognizable to its founders, a small group of Jewish immigrant families in what was then Ottoman-ruled Palestine. A skyline of shimmering skyscrapers has replaced the towering sand dunes of just over a century ago. The city is now known for its boxy Bauhaus apartment buildings, theaters, and concert halls, as well as its legions of sidewalk cafés that host overflowing crowds every night of the week.


Tel Aviv Hotels

Nothing stands between Tel Aviv's luxury hotels and the Mediterranean Sea except the golden beach and a promenade outfitted... read more


Tel Aviv Restaurants

The city's cosmopolitan character is happily represented in its food, although stands selling Middle Eastern fast food for... read more

Things To Do

Things To Do in Tel Aviv

Explore the best sights, entertainment, and shopping with our top choices and insider tips.


Tel Aviv Experiences

  • Top Reasons to Go

    Exploring the neighborhoods: Check out Neveh Tzedek's pastel-colored homes and boutiques, Jaffa's jumble of a flea market, Tel Aviv... Read more

  • A Focus on the Arts

    For a tiny nation, Israel has a thriving and abundant arts scene. The country is home to thousands of classical musicians—many of whom... Read more


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