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Some travelers insist on a hotel in a central location; others prefer to retreat to a haven at the end of the day, with atmosphere more important than accessibility. Jerusalem has more of the first kind than the second, and many hotels once considered remote are really no more than 10 minutes by cab or train from the city center. Most hotels are contemporary and modern, but a few have retained an

old-world allure. There are also guesthouses, B&Bs, and other lodgings that offer more of the local charm coupled with often-cheaper prices.

Defining high season is not an exact science. Some hotels may talk about peak periods in addition to or instead of high season, typically the weeklong Jewish holiday of Passover (March or April), and a similar period around Sukkot (September or October). Because of variations in hotel policy, and because the dates of Jewish holidays shift annually in accordance with the Hebrew calendar, the difference in room rates can be significant.

New construction in Jerusalem tends to be high-end (the Harmony Hotel is a refreshing mid-range exception). The luxurious Waldorf Astoria, built into the shell of a historic building on Agron Street, opened in 2014.

Almost all West Jerusalem hotels are kosher.

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