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  1. 1 Trip Report 코리아바카라주소■※■『SKT600.CoM』■※■생방송바카라け생방송바카라
  2. 2 Trip Report 바카라이기기■※■『SKT600.CoM』■※■생중계카지노ぜ생중계카지노
  3. 3 Trip Report 바카라■※■『SKT700.CoM』■※■슈퍼카지노ま슈퍼카지노
  4. 4 Scandinavian itinerary sanity check
  5. 5 Trip Report 먹튀없는카지노■※■『SKT700.CoM』■※■온라인바카라ぉ온라인바카라
  6. 6 Trip Report 증권계좌추천 주식강의
  7. 7 Trip Report 리얼카지노■※■『SKT600.CoM』■※■바카라て바카라
  8. 8 Trip Report 오픈카지노■※■『SKT700.CoM』■※■카지노사이트주소ザ카지노사이트주소
  9. 9 Trip Report 성인카지노■※■『SKT600.CoM』■※■생중계바카라じ생중계바카라
  10. 10 아시안바카라【KBK99。COM】코리아카지노여행づ온라인카지노룰
  11. 11 Trip Report 바카라주소■※■『SKT600.CoM』■※■생중계바카라ガ생중계바카라
  12. 12 Trip Report 카지노랜드 ■※■『SKT700.CoM』■※■온라인바카라추천ぶ온라인바카라추천
  13. 13 Trip Report 정선카지노룰렛■※■『SKT600.CoM』■※■카지노ぞ카지노
  14. 14 Trip Report 카지노베이사이트■※■『SKT700.CoM』■※■온카지노と온카지노
  15. 15 Trip Report 서울카지노■※■『SKT700.CoM』■※■온라인카지노ブ온라인카지노
  16. 16 Trip Report 카지노여자앵벌이■※■『SKT700.CoM』■※■라이브바카라ぜ라이브바카라
  17. 17 아시아바카라【KBK99。COM】국내카지노업체づ정선카지노잭팟
  18. 18 Trip Report 바카라사이트추천■※■『SKT700.CoM』■※■아시안바카라ぇ아시안바카라
  19. 19 Trip Report 동남아바카라■※■『SKT700.CoM』■※■카지노사이트주소ズ카지노사이트주소
  20. 20 토요부산경마예상【XAX111.CoM】라이브바카라
  21. 21 골든게이트카지노【XAX111.CoM】라이브카지노
  22. 22 아시아카지노【KBK99。COM】온라인바카라하는법づ월드코리아카지노
  23. 23 Trip Report 라이브바카라■※■『SKT600.CoM』■※■바카라ニ바카라
  24. 24 Trip Report 워커힐카지노■※■『SKT600.CoM』■※■생중계카지노ィ생중계카지노
  25. 25 Trip Report 카지노게임종류 ■※■『SKT600.CoM』■※■온라인카지노ピ온라인카지노
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I used to be firmly in the "use a guidebook; why spend the money for a private guide?" camp. But too much time spent with my nose in an often dry guidebook, and a couple of excellent experiences with private guides in other countries, have led me to understand how much a great guide can enhance a traveler's experience and appreciation of a foreign city.

So I would like to begin this thread so that we can have a "master list" of guides in Italy. Perhaps we can compile similar threads for other countries, if we have success here.

Please share your experiences with private guides in Italy. Give approximate dates, prices and any other details that you recall. Perhaps we should also mention guides that we would NOT recommend, as well as those who are in our files for the future.

Here is one to get the thread rolling, with more to follow:

ROME--Francesca Caruso.

Together with another Fodor couple, my partner and I hired Francesca for a private tour in January, 2007. To use a hackneyed phrase, Francesca made the Forum come alive for me. She is fluent in English. Her price was moderate and I give her an enthusiastic recommendation.

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