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Prices in Norway (details inside)

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I want to move to Norway, however I heard stuff is pricey there... Though I also heard that it is different in Southern and Northern Norway, and especially in and around Oslo.

So I would like to know the current prices somewhere outside of Oslo, somewhere cheaper, like Southern or Northern Norway. Here are some items that I'm interested in. I'm asking for specific titles sometimes because that way I can directly compare the item to here. If I'd just say "coffee" there is coffee for $100 a kilo here as well, so it doesn't mean anything. Here's the list:

Water (5 liters) (unless tap water is better than in Latvia there)
Cookies (1kg, you put into the bag yourself)
Peanuts (1kg, you put into the bag yourself)
Peanuts roasted, i think with salt (1kg, you put into the bag yourself)
Almonds (1kg, you put into the bag yourself)
Cashews (1kg, you put into the bag yourself)
Hazelnuts (1kg, you put into the bag yourself)
Tomatoes (1kg, you put into the bag yourself)
Butter cheap (bad)
Butter costlier (good)
Yoghurt costlier (good)
Yoghurt cheap (bad)
Avocado (1 fruit)
Apples (1kg, you put into the bag yourself)
Eggs cheap (bad)
Eggs costlier (good)
Cheese (packed, in a vacuum)
Jacobs black coffee (green pack) (500g)
Lavazza Espresso coffee (black pack) (250g)
Chocolate Milka (100g)
Chocolate Schogetten (100g)
Bevita Breakfast (cookies) (300g)
Cocao (100g)
Olives (1kg, you have to ask a lady to put it in a bag for you)
Cheese (1kg, you have to ask a lady to put it in a bag for you), cheaper (better)
Cheese (1kg, you have to ask a lady to put it in a bag for you), costlier (good)
Hot smoked pork
Cold smoked fat
Chicken meat (I think it's chicken breasts or something)
Raw pork (looks like a palm-sized steak, usually has some fat on one side)
Broccoli (1 piece)
Cream (the thing you add to coffee instead of milk)

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