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exchange student experiences

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Have you hosted and exchange student? been an exchange student? how did it work out?

About 18 years ago we hosted a young (high school age) female exchange student for about six weeks. She just fit right in with our family and we all had such a good time that the next summer she returned to stay for about a month and travel a bit with us. Over the years my daughter (who is her age) and myself have visited several times with her family and met up on several occasions for brief city stays.

Last summer, at the request of our student, we arranged for her (much younger!) brother to stay with our relatives in another state. Even tho there were boys his age in the household, they really did not connect. Yes, the played video games together but that was about it. Whereas our student really made an effort to practice english, the brother was almost mute - I think part if it was he was quite shy. But in the end I felt badly for my sister in law who really took quite a bit of time and some expense to host this young man.

Anyways it just got me to wondering what experiences other Fodorites might have had. I believe that our very positive experience led to our beginning to travel to Europe and now my subsequent LOVE of the "old stones of Europe". The first trip we took was with my daughter's high school group to visit the country where our exchange student lived.

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