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Cornwall, Scotland and London possible in one trip?

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My husband and I are taking our first (and maybe last) trip to the UK this summer. The focus will be attending the British Open at Troon, and we plan to stay in Ayr for one week (Saturday to Saturday) with another couple to attend the Open on two days (Tuesday and Friday), with day trips to St. Andrews, Edinburgh and other area sights. My challenge is that I have always wanted to visit Cornwall as well, so am trying to do both somehow, as well as at least a couple of days in London. The only other hopefully must-see is a stop in York. Other than the week in Ayr, I am hoping to manage it without renting a car.

I can figure an itinerary that sort of works, but I can't seem to get it under 16 days, which feels like a lot. 14 would be better. One question is whether weekend travel in and out of London is as taxing as it is here in the States (I live in the Seattle area). For instance, one option would be to go from Ayr to York on Saturday, spend Saturday night in York, and return to London on Sunday, but I didn't know if heading back in to the City on a Sunday afternoon is madness or not. Also, would I need advance booking on a train seat for a Sunday York to London trip? Kind of a flip alternative would be to leave London on the previous Friday (on the way to our week in Ayr), and try to do a stopover in York, but I didn't know if everything would be insanely full trying to leave the City on a Friday.

Finally, for Cornwall, is it crazy to try to do it without a car? We are thinking to stay in St. Ives, which looks so beautiful, for two or three days, and while there somehow get to Penzance, Mousehole and Lands End. It looks like there are ways to do that without a car. But, perhaps it would be better to stay in Penzance (closer to the other two) with a trip to St. Ives. Other than seeing the beauty of the area somehow, we just want to relax, enjoy the seashore, do some walking (and maybe cycling?) and soak up some Cornishness. Since it is a fair train ride from London (6 hours? Paddington to Penzance?) I was thinking we would want/need three nights in Cornwall in order to have two full days. Thoughts?

I appreciate any and all suggestions!

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