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Architecture students, 1-2 weeks, advice??

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Hi there,

Me and a buddy are going on a mini-travelling break at the start of September - we are talking 1 to 2 weeks to keep cost down (poor students) and to tie in with starting back at uni in London.

There's only one place we HAVE to go and that's Utrecht, Netherlands - mainly because I need to go visit a building there as part of my university course.

Obviously, this part of the trip could be completed within a day or 2, but from there we are after some advice from you lovely people as to the best way to spend our remaining time.

Firstly, in such a small time-frame is it worth trying to turn this into a cross-country inter-railing experience? Or should we lower our aspirations to sticking within / around the Netherlands?

Secondly, (with either option) what would you suggest as a potential itinerary for two young architecture enthusiasts / students? While we are keen to visit main architectural landmarks, we are equally interested in experiencing the lesser known places that hold cultural significance or show what a place is really like.

Finally, with a trip no longer than 2 weeks, is it even worth buying the Inter-rail train passes, or is it more cost effective to purchase the journeys individually / fly whenever feasible?

Thank you in advance and apologies for the fairly vague post. I'm sure you'll have just as many questions for me as I will have for you!


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