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4 Days in Paris: Sample Itinerary for First Trip There

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Hey all,

Myself and my companion will be taking an overnight flight to Paris in September. The flight will have us arrive in Paris around 10:00 AM. We then will be there for four nights, leaving the morning after the last night. This is my first time in Paris and my companions second time. I definitely want to participate in the normal touristy things, such as the Eiffel Tower, Louvre, Notre Dame, a river cruise on the Seine.

Here are the questions I have:

- What attractions should I buy early tickets to?
- If I'm planning to walk most places, what area of town is it best to stay in? (note: price point for hotel is relatively high per night)
- Is going to Versailles worth it? (I've been told it is a full day trip)
- As the interests I have for the trip are in history and art mainly, I also enjoy doing some things that are not as well known. Any lesser known places I should try to visit?
- Finally, any restaurants that I should definitely try to look to eat at?

I appreciate any and all feedback and am looking forward to this first trip to France! Thank you!

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