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Wine and Beverage packages? Worth it, not worth it?

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We're taking a 12 night Baltic Cruise at the end of this month.

One wine package on Celebrity is 7 bottles for $350. I did a quick price check on tne wines listed and the cost implies a 50% markup per bottle above even retail prices from a few major wine shops in my area.

There is a premium beverage package for $59 a day that includes anything up to $12 per drink. The total cost would be about $710. I estimate that equates to roughly 5 to 6 drinks per day at an average price of $10 a drink.

A few questions:

In your experience, how strict are the cruise lines - Celebrity Specifically - with preventing you from bringing alchohol on-board after visiting a port?

I've not been able to get a good answer from Celebrity on prices for a glass of wine or cocktail. For those who sailed Celebrity recently, do you have any information on prices?

We're thinking of getting a soda package as we're traveling with our two youbng kids. Not sure I want them drinking the 4 glasses of soda each per day to make the cost worth it. How strict should we expect the cruise line to be if we get one soda package and just let the kids split it?


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