When to Go to Columbus

The four seasons in Ohio are quite distinct. Spring can be cloudy, chilly, and rainy with occasional teases of summerlike weather. Summer can get warm and extremely humid, making it feel 100 degrees-plus when it's only 85. Autumn can be beautiful, perfect for a fall-foliage tour. Winters are cold, with temperatures in the 20s and 30s.

Expect at least a couple of surprise snowstorms or ice storms, most of them in January. The farther north you go in winter, the colder, windier, and snowier it gets, thanks to Lake Erie.

In spite of summer's humidity, there's more to do in Ohio in summer than during any other season. (Ohioans, having been snowed in during winter and rained out in spring, are usually ready to be outdoors by summer.) Expect the hottest weather during the dog days of August, when temperatures are frequently in the 90s. Autumn is a good time for outdoor activities; the weather is usually fairly decent, and occasionally quite warm, through October.

The average annual precipitation is usually around 30 to 40 inches, but the northeastern part of the state can see more than 40 inches annually.

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