Food and Drink in Brooklyn

Locally minded, innovative chefs, bartenders, baristas, and bakers can be found all over the borough. A hop on the subway is all you need to experience outstanding restaurants, bars, and cafés.


From old-school coal-oven-baked slices to nouveau pies dressed with innovative toppings, this is the pizza capital of the country. Legendary pizza makers have been slinging pies in Brooklyn for decades, while in recent years the borough has been the incubator for the new-wave Neapolitan craze. What makes the pizza so good here? Some say it's the special qualities of New York City water.

World Cuisine

Think of a cuisine, and there’s a good chance you can find it deliciously represented in Brooklyn. In a single day, you can have a superb Mexican breakfast, an authentic Chinese or Vietnamese lunch, a toothsome Czech Republic or Central American afternoon snack, and an outstanding Middle Eastern or Italian dinner. You’d still only be scratching the surface of the variety of eats you can enjoy here.

Beer and Cocktails

Brooklynites take their drinks seriously. Want to sip artfully mixed cocktails made with house-brand bitters, guzzle Brooklyn brews in a happening beer hall, or taste Brooklyn-distilled liquor at its source? You can do all this and much more here.


Coffee has a serious presence in Brooklyn and pour-overs and local roasts are a source of pride. The profusion of local coffee bars and minichains, as well as top names from around the country, mean there's an abundance of cool or cozy spots for coffee connoisseurs looking to get a cup (to go or to stay).


No sweet tooth goes unsatisfied in Brooklyn, where cookies, cakes, pies, and pastries get local and creative. Small-batch chocolate factories, ice-cream shops with cult followings, bakeries that specialize in pie, and doughnut shops with lines out the door are among the local institutions churning out irresistible confections. Try not to leave the borough without tasting a hibiscus-glazed doughnut, a slice of chocolate julep pie, or a scoop of Ooey Gooey Buttercake ice cream.

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