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Tangier Island, Virginia

Crab traps stacked 10 feet high, watermen's shanties on the water, and a landscape virtually devoid of modern commercialization characterize this Virginia island fishing community. Visitors love the unique dialect of English spoken here—a British drawl with some island-specific vocabulary, which resulted from historic isolation from the mainland. Ferry service to Tangier operates from Reedfield or Onancock, Virginia, or from Crisfield, Maryland. Note that Tangier Island is "dry"; you may bring your own alcohol for personal use, but you must use discretion.

Stop by the Waterfront Sandwich Shop (16125 Main Ridge Rd. 757/891–2248), where you can also rent golf carts to roam the few narrow roads. You can join a guided tour near the boat dock or simply soak in the timelessness on foot.

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