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Apparently, This Florida City Is the Worst Summer Destination This Year

Blame airport cancelations and lack of access to public transport.

It’s a record-breaking summer travel season. TSA reports that they’re screening more than 2.5 million passengers at airports every day–and it’s only going to get busier. But guess where travelers don’t want to land this summer? Apparently, Jacksonville, Florida.

A study by Forbes Advisor compared 43 of the most populated cities in the U.S. across 16 metrics, scoring them on city experiences, including, crime, prices of meals and hotel, walkability, restaurant reviews; airport experiences like flight delays and cancellations, and damage claims; and driving, including fatal crashes, gas prices, speed, and parking spots.  

Jacksonville got a perfect 100 across the board (100 being the worst score, on a scale of 100 to 0) and brought home the unenviable title of the worst summer destination.

Not This Summer, Jacksonville 

Jacksonville was rated poorly because it scored the lowest on walkability and third-lowest on access to public transportation. But getting to Jacksonville is no picnic either—the Jacksonville International Airport has the second-highest percentage of disrupted summer flights, the study noted. 

It also has insufficient parking lots and garages and the eighth-highest crime rate.

A very close second is Colorado Springs, Colorado, because its airport has the highest percentage of delayed, canceled, or diverted flights. It’s also an expensive city for tourists with tours and activities costing an average of $152.

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But Fresno, California, makes you shell out the most for activities ($279). High gas prices, fewer parking lots, fewer restaurants and tourist attractions with high TripAdvisor ratings have marred its reputation for the summer. It’s the third-worst city for summer travel.

Surprisingly, Jacksonville isn’t alone in Florida–two other cities are in the top 10. Tampa offers a poor driving experience, while Miami has the second-worst air travel experience. Orlando is not on this list, so if you’re picking a city in Florida, maybe it should be the one that’s home to the most magical place on Earth.

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Minneapolis Wins Twice

Minneapolis, a hub of art and the city of lakes, is the best summer destination, according to the Forbes ranking. It got the lowest score (17.52) on city experience and an overall score of 0–which, confusingly, means it ranked highest. The closest contenders for the crown are Long Beach, California, and Washington, D.C. New York fell somewhere in the middle with a midline score of 42.

Minneapolis is a delight not just for tourists, but also for those who live there. As it turns out, the city is also one of the happiest in the world.

In the Happy City Index of 2024 by the Institute of Quality of Life, Minneapolis was the only U.S. city given the gold badge of honor. Judged on categories of governance, economy, mobility, citizens, and environment, the midwestern city was listed among 36 other “Gold” cities that are the world’s happiest—a single city was not given the title. 

Two-hundred-and-fifty cities around the world were ranked by researchers and only five other non-European cities made it to the top: Osaka, Japan; Christchurch, New Zealand; Singapore; Seoul, South Korea; and Ottawa, Canada. 

waynebrown6430 June 22, 2024

I love it when they write smack about a great area. If you think there is no issues at the airport try parking at one of the NY area lots at 60/day and taking a shuttle for 20 minutes

As far as spread out I don't mind driving 80 miles an hour on the highway versus 5 mph trying to go over a bridge or tunnel in NYC

If you want sketchy go to any major blue city like SF Phila or Seattle and you will get a shooting gallery/drug and homeless haven.

Jacksonville and the beaches are heaven compartively especially Fernandina or Amelia

One of the most moisleading articles as well a

randallbrown5156 June 15, 2024

Jacksonville,  the Florida city that people in Florida won't go to for vacation. It smells bad and is so spread out you spend most of the day driving from place to place. Plus, there are a LOT of sketchy people there.