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There’s No Way I’m Sleeping in This Dungeon


Here’s an idea: Find three friends to spend the night (a haunted, sleepless night) with you in a dungeon modeled after an Alcatraz cell. Does that sound fun to you?

On October 30 and 31, you can now sleep in the world’s most uncomfortable hotel room: a jail cell with four cots, only available through


Unfortunately, the jail cell isn’t actually at Alcatraz, but it’s the next best thing–part of the San Francisco Dungeon, an immersive performance that takes you back in time through San Francisco’s dark past.

Sleeping in the Alcatraz cell is part of the immersive experience, and guests are given a set of prison-issue pajamas to climb into before settling in for a spooky night on their cot, surrounded by bars.

The jail cell is lit only by candlelight and haunted by actors pretending to be ghosts, which is still pretty scary because you never know what’s gonna happen when the lights go out.

Good luck trying to convince your friends to do this with you. Meanwhile, I’ll be at The Beekman.

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