Central Coastal Drive


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The 198-km (123-mile) Central Coastal Drive heads northeast on Route 2 out of Charlottetown and continues, with a left turn onto Route 6, to the north shore. Route 6 takes you by classic fishing communities and the striking strands of Prince Edward Island National Park before depositing you in Anne of Green Gables country. (The section around Cavendish is cluttered with commercial tourist traps. If you look beyond the fast-food outlets and tacky gift shops, however, you can still find unspoiled beauty.) This beach-blessed section alone—newly christened the Green Gables Shore—has enough in the way of attractions, amusements, and outdoor opportunities to satisfy many vacationers. Yet it's worth traveling south, too, following the coast to the quieter Red Sands Shore on the other side of the Island, passing rolling farmland and oyster-filled Malpeque Bay en route. Considering that visitors who come to the Island via the Confederation Bridge land smack in the middle of this shore, it seems ironic that its red headlands remain relatively undiscovered. Historic sites, villages harking back to Victorian days, and a distinctive sandstone coastline are here to explore.

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