Digby is underappreciated: people tend to race to or from the ferry connecting it with Saint John, New Brunswick. Yet there is quite a bit to the town, including a rich history that dates to the 1783 arrival of Loyalists, and an appealing waterfront. Then, of course, there are the legendary Digby scallops. The world’s largest in-shore scallop fleet docks in the harbor, and the plump, sweet "fruits of the sea" unloaded here are deemed to be delicacies everywhere. Come, if you can, for the Digby Scallop Days festival in early August. There are other fish in the sea, though, and while walking along the waterfront, you can buy ultrafresh halibut, cod, and lobster—some merchants will even cook your purchase for you right on the spot. You can also sample Digby chicks (aka salty smoked herring) in local pubs or buy them from fish markets.


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