Annapolis Royal

Annapolis Royal’s history spans nearly four centuries, and the town’s bucolic appearance today belies its turbulent past. One of Canada's oldest settlements, it was founded by the French in 1605, destroyed by the British in 1613, rebuilt by the French as the main town of Acadia, and then fought over for the better part of a century. Finally, in 1710, New England colonists claimed the town and renamed it in honor of Queen Anne. There are approximately 150 historic sites and heritage buildings here, including the privately owned DeGannes-Cosby House, the oldest wooden house in Canada (built in 1708), which happens to sit on St. George, Canada’s oldest street.

As if it didn’t have enough history on its own, Annapolis Royal is also the ideal starting point for excursions to Port Royal, the place where European settlement of Canada began.

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