Central Newfoundland and Notre Dame Bay


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Though called "Central," the most visited destinations in this area lie to the north between the Trans-Canada Highway and the shoreline. The true center of the island is mostly uninhabited, and many of the communities along the south coast are accessible only by boat. Gander, in east-central Newfoundland, is known for its airport and its aviation history. North of it is Notre Dame Bay, an area of rugged coastline and equally rugged islands that was once the domain of the now extinct Beothuk tribe. Only the larger islands are currently inhabited. Before English settlers moved into the area in the late-18th and early-19th centuries, it was seasonally occupied by French fisherfolk. Local dialects preserve centuries-old words that have vanished elsewhere. The bay is swept by the cool Labrador Current, which carries icebergs south through Iceberg Alley; the coast is also a good whale-watching area.

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