You won’t find too many sights in beautiful Izamal, but you'll almost certainly be taken by its carefully cared-for architecture. The downtown area shines with remodeled buildings, new roads, and a signature paint color that strikingly contrasts with the blue sky. One of the best examples of a Spanish colonial community in the Yucatán, Izamal is nicknamed "Ciudad Amarilla" (Yellow City), because its most important edifices are a golden ocher. It's also sometimes called "the City of Three Cultures," because of its combined pre-Hispanic, colonial, and contemporary influences. Although unsophisticated, Izamal is a charming and neighborly alternative to the sometimes frenetic tourism of Mérida. Hotels are humble, and the few restaurants here offer basic fare. For those who enjoy a quieter, slower-pace vacation, it’s worth considering as a base.


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