Top Reasons to Go

Hitting the hippest spot in the country: Mexico City is the undisputed cultural capital of Latin America, with a lifestyle as distinct as that of New York or Rio.

Strolling through the Centro Histórico: Imagine if Washington, D.C., contained Plymouth Rock, Jamestown, Gettysburg, and Hiroshima to understand the aura and historic significance of this 500-year-old neighborhood laid atop—and made of—Aztec ruins.

Sampling la cocina mexicana : As street vendors offer up traditional snacks, chefs reinvent those recipes with amazing results.

Museum-hopping: You'll find Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera all over; the stunning contemporary Museo Nacional de Antropología is worth visiting just for the building—a full exploration of its collection would take days.

Mexico's melting pot: The city's size and status mean you'll see all aspects of Mexican society from fashionistas to farmers.

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