Gay Bars in Mexico City

Gay and lesbian life in the capital is something of a contradiction. In one of the largest cities in the world—and one that legalized same-sex marriage in 2009—one would expect a thriving, out-and-proud community. But Mexico isn't like that, and here the gay and lesbian scene is still largely in the shadows.

Personal freedom of choice in Mexico is the companion of money, and so the majority of gays and lesbians, who lack deep pockets, live a closeted, traditional (heterosexual) family lifestyle.

Centro's Calle Republica de Cuba was once the closest thing (apart from the anything-goes Zona Rosa in general) D.F. had to a gay neighborhood, and its hole-in-the-wall taverns and clubs at times still take on that character. The spots listed below are large, well-established institutions. We suggest surfing the Web for the latest hot spots.

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